The day after I ran the Warrior Dash, I flew to California. California is a land far, far away from Virginialand, and, when the opportunity to go, courtesy of my involvement in the Toyota Women’s Influencer Network, came up, I hesitated. I was flying to Atlanta, then driving to Alabama, on Friday, and there I […]


Remember that one time Toyota and Clever Girls gave me a Camry for the weekend? Last week they gave me a Prius. I named her Eleanor, picked her up on Wednesday and dropped her off on Friday and drove all around the city with her. I yelled at the voice activation thing and asked the […]


I’ve lived my whole life in and around the Blue Ridge mountains, but the soft rolls of America’s oldest mountain range did nothing to prepare me for the enormity of the Rockies. I arrived in Colorado the evening of the 4th, almost immediately boarded a shuttle and then, for an hour and half, headed up. […]


Right before Andrew left, the Clever Girls who run the Toyota Women’s Influencer Network posted about an opportunity for a few of us TWIN ladies to go to Wanderlust. Wanderlust, in case you’re unfamiliar, as I was, is this: Wanderlust is a one-of-a-kind festival bringing together the world’s leading yoga teachers, top musical acts and […]


The hardest part about Andrew being gone is getting used to all my new routines. My mornings and nights are shadows of what they were before. At work, it’s the same thing. Andrew was the primary producer of print media in our office, while I usually focused on video content. But then he left and […]