Life & Times.

The Best: May

May was the one with ALL THE THINGS. It was going places and doing things and running races and, really, ALL THE THINGS.

The Best - MAY

The best of May was running two 5ks over the course of a single Saturday. It was watching a friend set a personal record, running with friends, and completing a course I once couldn’t. It was morning runs and night runs and thinking about my next running goals.

The Best - MAY1

The best was cats, like it always is, and dogs who love to snuggle. It was more days with the windows open, it was singing in the shower, in the car and on the treadmill. It was rediscovering my balcony & finding time to write. It was birthdays and bonfires. It was laughing so hard I almost cried.

The best was eating all the tacos and then all the nachos. It was cold beers, and whiskey drinks and wanting to be outside. It was blue suede heels, Bloggers in Sin City, and Vegas.

The Best - MAY2 The Best - MAY3

It was staring contests and frozen hot chocolate, bloody marys, breakfast and brunch. The best was happy hours and open bars and being a VIP. The best was the first hugs, the weekend stretched out before us. It was naps and pool time and nachos. It was blueberry vodka drinks, whiskey, wearing dresses, talking Army, and slumber parties. It was going out with my favorite people, looking our best. It was blogger run club and day sequins, becoming Snow White, and being my best self. It was dancing and cupcakes and talking about politics and religion. It was saying goodbye, knowing that it wasn’t the real end.

The Best - MAY4

The best of May was feeling so incredibly loved, throwing myself into being me and deciding to make changes. It was planning for bigger things, and encouraging house guests. It was my 10 year Army anniversary.

It was going to Alabama to spend Memorial Day weekend with Andrew at the beach. It was hamburger and peanut butter pie and sunburn. It was tough runs and sunshine, sharing a bed and making use of the mini bar. It was Parks & Rec, and Arrested Development, and planning for the next part. It was white sand and outlet malls, food trucks and getting day drunk.

The Best - MAY6

The best was bird friends, while they were around, sunsets and everything in bloom. It was finally doing house things after putting them off for way too long, and spending the last nights of May in comfort. It was the Greek festival, and rain storms, and so many friends. It was lazy cats, gyros, tomato plants and cats who don’t understand hiding.

The Best - MAY7

May is almost always one of the best.

The Best: April


With April done that means we’re a third of the way done with this already-crazy year. April is always a tough month for me, but it had its bright spots. It was busy, like this whole year has been, but I managed to stumble upon a day or two in which absolutely nothing was scheduled. There are never enough of those lazy days, and I love them, even if I always manage to fill them up by checking things off my outstanding list of shit that needs to be done yesterday.

The best was destructo-kitties, who I love even though they’re the reason we can’t have nice things. The best was the first Bell’s Oberon of the year and afternoons with the windows wide open. It was turning off the heat and turning on the ceiling fans. The best was late afternoon naps with the dogs and cats snuggled close and trees bursting into bloom.


The best was new goodnight rituals with Andrew and developing a serious smoothie habit after having a wisdom tooth removed. It was cats in laundry baskets who refused to move, no matter how much folding took place around her. It was discovering new favorite recipes, like smoked tofu fried rice, and eating lots of tacos. It was going to the range, a handful of times, and firing a handgun for the first time as an adult.


The best was the Monument Avenue 10k and Color Me Rad and the Hardywood Twilight 4 Miler. It was my first personalized bib and watching friends set personal distance records. It was day drinking and craft fairs and color explosions and falling in love with my city all over again.



It was the triumphant return of raccoon cat and all the cats, really. It was summer food, cooked on a grill, and time spent with my favorite friends. It was immersing myself in good books and spending front porch time, with wine, reading them. It was getting back into the habit of taking care of the yard and actually taking pride in a freshly mowed and edged yard.


It was going to Alabama and enjoying the drive from Atlanta to Enterprise. It was watching Andrew make his map book, complete with mustache duct tape, and the absolute best was feeling like I was part of the process, even if for only a little bit. It was watching him create tears over spicy chicken wings and drinking late-night whiskey and sitting around a fire and fancy dinner out with friends. It was finally getting him hooked on Parks & Rec and getting to watch Game of Thrones together, snuggled on the couch. It was smoothies gone wrong, and waking up next to my person.


It was sleepy dogs, dining table spreads and celebrating birthdays with cheese. It was party hats and cat naps and meeting new lady friends. It was car singing and treadmill singing and shower singing. The best was closing out the month feeling lucky.

photo credit for Color Me Rad photo. all others, mine.

The Best: March


Sometimes I don’t know where months disappear to, but March didn’t disappear. It was all MOMENTOUS OCCASIONS and shit. It was busy, busy, busy, with more weekends spent away sleeping in strange places than weekends spent in my own house. It was quick, to be sure, and I’m not a little surprised to find April already here and in bloom, but March was FULL most of all, in the best and most exhausting sort of way.


The best of March was the time I spent with my lady friends. They helped me through my first half marathon, my 29th birthday, my first mud run of the year, through a few plates of nachos, some poutine with pimento cheese on top and a couple orders of chicken wings, some beers and maybe a bottle or two of wine. With Andrew away for so long, I keep counting myself lucky to have a handful of truly incredible women in my life who can make me laugh & who are always there to support me, no matter what crazy shit I’ve gotten myself into.


The best of March was getting to visit Andrew & Alabama the weekend before my birthday. It was cheese plates & ravioli stuffed with butternut squash & a scary Alabama bar filled with aviators. The best was lazy afternoons and being able to wake up next to him, like I wish we always could. The best was birthday gifts and date night and putting on some walking music.


The best was turning 29 with nachos, lady friends, chicken wings, frozen yogurt & some of my favorite beers. It was my longest runs, and my first half marathon. It was a weekend in DC with some of my favorite people, including a whole fistful of Bloggers in Sin City alums. It was brunch & beers & sing-a-longs & cat attacks & snort laughs.


It was my first mud run of the year. The best was all the burpees, no matter how much I complain and hate them in the moment. The best was good beers and post-race chicken wings and documenting my race wounds. It was all the mud that fell from my pants post-run and finally getting warm again after freezing in mud and water for a handful of hours.

The best part of March was heading back to Alabama, one more time, to close out the month. It was seeing Andrew, jumping in the car and heading even further south, to Florida, to spend two days at the beach, soaking in the sun, even if it wasn’t quite warm enough to sun-sit. It was finding a good beer selection, giggling over excessive diner coffee prices and reading Storm of Swords side-by-side on the beach.




The best was going exploring and keeping our eyes open for alligators. It was a hotel room picnic of wine and cheese and meat and jalapeno bread. It was watching the season three premier of Game of Thrones together on the couch, and, better yet, it was ending March cuddled close.



Also, lizards! Lizards are the best!


The Best: February

The best part of February was getting to go to Alabama for two consecutive weekends, the first to snuggle on the couch for the Super Bowl while munching on snacks I created from Pinterest recipes, the second to be there for Family Day, a stellar date night and an exceptionally lazy Saturday. In between visits, I got girl time in, cleaned the house, packed and repacked and came home, after the visits, to settle in to the month that’s before my birthday month.February-The Best


February-The Best1

The best was getting to see Jenn and to meet her fabulous and beautiful lady princess cat and venturing out in the rain for snacks and to sip red wine. It was Stacey‘s birthday brunch and a night in D.C. at Caryn‘s new apartment. It was getting back to my routine, running the longest runs of my life and a white cat who decided she wants to sleep curled up on my shoulder, like a parrot.

It was getting excited about a new hot water heater, trying not to spend money, and scheming new bedroom layouts. It was dog walks and chasing cats around the house and falling back in love with reading again.

February-The Best2

The best was a few of my favorite friends buying their first homes, it was new beers and grilled cheese sanwhiches and cats in bags and gym dates and taco nights. It was new running socks and the best dog and cat snuggles. It was working with the Canadian Army here in Virginia and reuniting with friends I’ve made in previous years. The best was dreaming up the next great adventure and allowing myself to float into a daydream. The best was proving that yes, I can, and yes, I will.

The Best: January

January was a slow descent into chaos and then, when I had time to look up from the chaos, it was over. I’m still writing 2012 on 67% of anything that requires a date and here we are, nearly into February. Maybe some year I’ll get it from the start or maybe I’ll just start writing 2014 preemptively in November and that way I’ll be ready come next January.

January The Best January The Best1

The best of January was having Andrew here to start the year, along with a handful of my favorite friends. It was working at my dining table with Caryn, just being together and being close enough that we don’t have to fill up the silence. It was my husband flying a helicopter for the first time, hobo fires, brunch, cheese plates, eating tacos not nearly often enough, nachos at Bellytimber and Bell’s Two Hearted Ales.┬áThe best was our five year wedding anniversary, with gifts for the first time ever. It was bananas and test runs and new shoes and loving the people I’ve surrounded myself with.

January The Best2

The best was the Presidential Inauguration and working it, as a National Guardsman, for the second time. It was about early mornings and crappy food and begged beef jerky and laughing so hard my abs hurt the next day. It was working with a top-notch team of professionals, long-ass days and finally coming home to critter cuddles, a hot shower and a deliciously cozy bed.

January The Best3 January The Best4

The best of January was the dip into winter, complete with snow and ice, and then a 70 degree day with a dog walk and sunshine. It was dill pickle Bloody Marys, more brunching, cats in boxes and snow dogs. It was less foot pain, and multiple runs in one week. It was the new MacBook Pro I’ve been wishing for for months, it was an eyebrow wax, a handful of BodyPump classes with upped weight and feeling strong again. It was cats who want to cuddle after every shower I take, friends buying houses and moving across state lines, and an incredible amount of excitement for the 5th and final Bloggers in Sin City. It was the start of what I hope to be an absolutely incredible year.