The Life and Times

On Saturday I’m running my second Warrior Dash. Last year it was my first mud run ever and I spent a ridiculous amount of time feeling nervous and anxious about it, but then I ran a Super Spartan and the Warrior Dash’s 3.5 miles suddenly don’t seem so daunting. I’m excited for the chance to […]


The hardest part about Andrew being gone is getting used to all my new routines. My mornings and nights are shadows of what they were before. At work, it’s the same thing. Andrew was the primary producer of print media in our office, while I usually focused on video content. But then he left and […]


There have been points in the past week where I’ve felt like a very small person standing at the bottom of a very big mountain stacked with only marginally stable boulders that shift each time the wind blows. I’ve felt like I’m about to be crushed, like all the bits and pieces I’ve tucked away […]


My first semester of college started at the end of August 2003. I was 19. That first semester was a whirlwind of the quintessential college experience: parties and dorm living and dining facilities and sleeping until noon each and every day. On May 12, 2003, I joined the National Guard and had decided that going […]


Two weekends ago my involvement in Toyota Women’s Influencer Network landed me Toyota Camry Hybrid for the weekend. I named her Peggy Sue. She was blue. That Saturday, after I wrote half a research paper, Andrew and I loaded up the car with snacks and supplies and headed toward Harborton, Virginia, a teeny, tiny little […]