Take me away

I desperately want a vacation.

I keep daydreaming of trips to far away places, browsing cruise websites for trips to alaska, hawaii, the mediteranean.  I keep getting emails from expedia and travelocity filled with elxclamation points and promotions for trips to San Francisco, Seattle, Florida and everywhere else I want to go.

It’s been entirely too long since I left the country.  Way too long.

But next weekend I’m going to the Outer Banks for a long weekend and while I realize that is, in fact, a vacation, I’m still craving something a little more exotic. I love the beach and am ever so thankful for the chance to go for essentially the price of a tank of gas, but I want something a little different.  A new adventure.  A never-before-seen-by-me experience.

I want to sip cocktails on the balcony of my cruise ship, or travel to some far flung corner of the world and volunteer or a week or two.

But then I look around at my house in it’s state of almost-but-not-quite-there completeness and realize no – I cannot possibly go on vacation while I still have a bookcase in a box that needs to be put together, while the grass in the front yard is threatening to eat all the small children that run by, while the dog hair keeps accumulating no matter how many times I sweep a day (WHEN WILL THE SHEDDING STOP?! HOW DOES SHE EVEN HAVE ANY FUR LEFT ON HER LITTLE DOG BODY?!).

I think 2010 might have to be the year of the vacation.  Somehow this year already seems so full.  This weekend is the last full weekend we’ll spend at home until the middle of  May. June is full of traveling around the Commonwealth of Virginia for work.  There’s two weddings in June as well that we’ve got to attend.  July we hope to head to Wisconsin to shoot video and photos of National Guard Aviators flying around in blackhawk helicopters.  We also want to make it to both Texas and Kentucky for graduations for L. and D. And then August – I think we might catch up on some sleep in August and then we’re both going back to school (finally!) to continue work on our elusive bachelor’s degrees.

For now I guess I’ll dream big for 2010 and vacations to far off places.  Being the spaz and over-analyzer that I am, planning is half the fun.

What’s your dream vacation?

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2 thoughts on “Take me away

  1. OoooOoo vacation!
    I am dying to go back to the Caribbean. Dominica is my favorite. Gorgeous black sand beaches and it’s really cheap.

    Also I never got back to you via email, but I’m looking for jobs in the VA Beach area (any of the seven cities, really). If you hear of anything please send it my way. 🙂

    And congratulations on the decision to go back to school! Yay!

  2. sorry but my answer is boring. my dream vacation is any vacation that i can fully enjoy without ever thinking about work and worrying about all the stuff i’ll have to do when i get back.

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