Rambling on about things that really don't matter that much

Yes I know my last post was about my dog but she’s awesome and cute and the best dog in the entire universe and I just simply have to write about her antics again because she’s hilarious.

She’s currently standing in the foyer, looking out the windows growling, quite ferociously. This has been going on for about the last thirty minutes.


The first time she did this, I kinda freaked.  We don’t live in the best neighborhood ever, although I’ve certainly lived in worse and the way she was growling I convinced myself someone was on the front porch about to kill me.  I peeked out of my dining room and saw that no, there was absolutely nothing there.  After peeking out the window at both her height and my height I have deduced that she hates one of the following:

1. Black plastic bag filled with yard debris sitting next to our across the street neighbor’s house.

2. Squirrels. They taunt her and I do not blame her for hating them.

3. Recycling bins.

It’s possible she just simply looked out the window and became filled with hate and spite because all of those much hated things were within her line of sight.

I hope if an actual intruder ever attempted to make it’s way into our house she responds with as much hostility as she does when faced with a plastic bag.

In great and exciting home news, we’ve finally, for real this time, figured out what we want to do with the living room.  It’s been a source of much stress for me lately because we’ve lived here SINCE JANUARY AND STILL THE LIVING ROOM AND DINING ROOM AND DISASTER ZONES THAT WE DON’T USE FOR ANYTHING.  It was starting to get to me.  But the other day we looked around the living room, moved a bunch of stuff and suddenly the clouds parted and lightbulbs started going off and we realized yes – we can make this work.  We will love it.  It will be beautiful.  It will be perfect and cozy and great for entertaining and FINALLY MY HEAD WON’T FEEL LIKE IT’S ON THE VERVE OF A FRICKIN EXPLOSION.  What a relief.

In order to get it the way I we want it we need the following:

– Part of a couch.  We have the chaise part, but we decided now that we want the whole damn thing.
– A round coffee table.
– A side table.
– To finish painting the fireplace which we started in DECEMBER. Fail.
– A built in cabinet thing for the TV. We are not going to build it because we are useless but soon, very, very, very like tomorrow soon, we’re going to call a highly recommended carpenter who actually lives near us and hope he can do it for a cost that is less than the price of a new car.
– Bookshelves to house our TON of DVDs.
– Accessories! Prettiness!
– A chair of some sort.
– A picture to hang on the mantle that I do not hate and that does not clash with my bright yellow walls. Yes, bright yellow walls. It’s a happy living room.
– Time, which is free (at least in other countries that don’t subscribe to the “time is money” mantra) but very, very hard to come by lately.

Dog is now sleeping. Apparently the threat of plastic bins, bags and squirrels has passed. All is well.

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