My dog, the angel

See? That’s totally the face of absolute angelic wonder, right? What? You don’t see it? I mean, I see your point, it could be a little more big bad wolf, but I think she’s just smiling a big, happy, toothy grin.

That’s better, right? She has brown eyes just like me and thus, Andrew has taken to calling us his “brown-eyed girls.”

She HATES her feet and spent 20 minutes on the couch today trying to catch and eat them. The only problem: they fight back.

Good things Sadie has done today:

  1. Not peed in the house at all.
  2. Slept through the night.
  3. Gone on lots of walks with minimal pulling.
  4. Stayed home all by herself for about five hours without destroying anything.
  5. Not destroyed anything.
  6. Given lots of kisses.
  7. Made me laugh. A lot.



She will kill any paper bag that gets in her way. Seriously. We went to Petsmart yesterday and got her a whole bunch of toys but what she really loves is killing a paper bag. Let this serve as a warning to all paper bags out there: Beware Sadie Dog.

Also, can I just say again that she’s perfect for us. I mean, we couldn’t haven’t asked for a better dog or a better situation in which to get her. The way she came into our lives just proves that she’s the one for us. And I LOVE, LOVE, LOVE her. So much.

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5 thoughts on “My dog, the angel

  1. She’s a beauty! …singing…One in a million girl… LOL! I fantasize about a dog from time-to-time. I agree that the way you got her was just PERFECT~DEFINITELY she was meant for y’all! (((((HUGS))))) sandi

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