At last – a doggie!

We finally did it. We got ourselves a doggie. But not just any doggie – a Sadie doggie who is a full-bred Husky doggie and also absolutely adorable and even better, OURS!

Last week, while smoking outside after going to see Kimya Dawson (you know, the wonderful lady behind much of the Juno soundtrack) at the National (which was fun and awesome and I promise I will tell you about it because yeah, it was wonderful and so great that I will never, never, ever forget it.), we saw someone we know in the building with the most beautiful, wonderful dog ever. And so we told her that holy crap – she has a beautiful and adorable dog and then she told us the best news ever: that the dog was up for adoption.


And so after Sadie dog went potty, we got to meet her. And immediately, we fell in love. Deep love. True love. And then, because we were hmmming and haaaing a lot our neighbor friend said we could borrow her for the night and see what we thought about her and so we did. And she peed on the floor a whole bunch but we didn’t stop loving her (because of the love).

But, this past weekend was an Army weekend so we took our dog back over to our neighbor friend’s apartment and decided we would call her on Monday after we got back from enjoying a fun-filled Army weekend with a final decision.

All weekend long we talked about her and looked at pictures of her and fell more and more in love with her. So yesterday we called our neighbor friend and said “yes please, we can has beautiful dog?” And now we have a beautiful dog.

Our neighbor friend rescued her from people who didn’t deserve a dog who kept her in a garage without much food. She didn’t even have a leash and from what we understand she was very, very thin. But now, things are looking up for our sweet Sadie-girl as she now has a leash and collar and a couch to sleep on and a few toys and today, because we love her and must spoil her at least for the first few days, we’re taking her to Petsmart to pick out some more toys and treats.

I can’t even begin to explain how wonderful she is. We’re not sure exactly how old she is, but we do know that she’s still a puppy. I would guess she’s somewhere around the 6 months age mark, but who knows. Hopefully the vet will have more insight on that.

She’s really very good and smart and while she did pee on the floor a few times when she spent the night before, she’s been good this time around.

Here’s a picture of her adorableness just so you know I’m not making this up:

Also, she has no traction on our hard wood floors and is frequently sliding across the floor and falling over. It’s hilarious. I love her.

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8 thoughts on “At last – a doggie!

  1. cattledog5

    There is nothing better than having a dog. I have raised several dogs over the years so feel free to email me if you have any problems with your new family member. I might have some tips that would help.

  2. Ash

    Oh, T., she is SOOOO beautiful! Sadie, I welcome you to our family – you will have to come and visit your grandma very soon and meet your aunties and uncle as they will love you as much as I already do! And sweet Sadie, when your mommy and daddy have to go have army fun next month maybe they will bring you to me to love on!

    I’m so happy for the both of you – congratulations on your first born…dog. Love you guys!

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