Honored and maybe a little slow too

excell.jpgSo a few days ago the wonderful Rachel over at Confessions of a Jersey Girl handed out some awards for excellent blogs and, lo and behold, she included me in that list of talented and excellent bloggers. I am so absolutely humbled and honored by this because I absolutely LOVE Rachel’s blog and because with all my moodiness toward blogging lately, this really is a push in the right direction.

But, it gets better. I get to pass this award on to a few other blogs that I love. What this involves for me, is thinking about all the blogs that I read (and it’s a lot, a whole lot), and figuring out which ones are my absolute favorites. So, here they are. They’re quite an eclectic group, from all different backgrounds and all living very different lives, but I love them all.

(Oh, and they’re in no particular order.)

(Pass it on Ladies!)

That should do it for now. There’s so many more excellent blogs but really, those are the ones I anticipate the most.

Oh, and it looks like they are in a certain order. Order of blog title length. Which was completely unintentional.

Also, I’ve been having a great many adventures in the past few days which can be blamed for my absence from the internet. Said adventures involve such things as cars, jobs, dogs, concerts, hugs and a host of other exciting things that I promise I’ll write about in the very near future.

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3 thoughts on “Honored and maybe a little slow too

  1. turnonthestars

    oh wow! awesome! thank you so much!
    I feel all warm and fuzzy now, in a good way.. not too good though, because that might be dirty.
    How special! thankyouthankyouthankyou.
    I think your blog is pretty excellent, too.

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