Mother Nature Smackdown

So yesterday, I was all excited about spring and the promise of lovely weather.  And last weekend, I wrote about visiting Belle Isle and the wonderfulness of warm days.

And now, the sky is spitting ice. We didn’t even get winter weather in the WINTER here in Richmond, Virginia, but now that it’s spring, well! All bets are off.  Mother Nature’s insanity apparently takes over during the end of March.  Evidence.

Also, on a much less grumpy and irritable note, I discovered further proof that my husband rocks. Due to all the spider drama, I made him go with me each and every time I went to the bathroom (too much information maybe?), and he said this:

“I don’t like to kill spiders, but for you, I’ll murder ’em all.”

5 thoughts on “Mother Nature Smackdown

  1. When I got in to the office Friday morning and talked to one of my guys in our Toledo office (via Nextel), he VERY grumpily (if that’s a word) informed me that they were stuck de-icing their ladders and clearing out of the 4 inches of snow they got Thursday night. They were grouchy until about noon, which is a long time for those two.

    And isn’t marriage wonderful? (Except in my house I’m the spider-killer who has to rescue Tim. Is that sad? But if I’m not home, he’ll go get the cat and hold Mick up to wherever the spider is at…and Mick will kill it and eat it. What a cracked out cat!)

  2. This wacky weather is irking me too! Winter was non-existent and now it just needs to be spring. I think next week is going to be beautiful – it’s in sight!

  3. Alverna, I want your cat. Or, maybe I should convince Andrew that we really do need a cat just so he won’t have to kill the spiders. Also, that you have to rescue Tim is adorable. I love it.

    Laurie – I’ve heard rumors of next week being nice too, but I’m too scared to get excited about it.

  4. Y’all are makin’ me LAUGH! We had a spider spinning a web in our car once, across the window. We loved watching it every time we got in~homeschoolers can be crazy like that. Then I took our neighbor and her daughter somewhere, and they literally made me stop the van and get rid of it along the way! (((((HUGS))))) sandi

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