Camp Bondsteel on the Travel Channel

Yes, you read that right folks, Camp Bondsteel, what was my home away from home for almost a year, was indeed mentioned on the travel channel last night. More specifically, the Burger King on Camp Bondsteel was cited as being the “World’s Best War Zone Fast Food Stop.” See, the show it was on is called World’s Best and I guess it goes around and finds top ten lists of the world’s best whatever. Well, last night it was the world’s best fast food stops. Lucky for the Soldiers deployed to Kosovo right now (can you sense my sarcasm?) they have the privilege of dining at the #2 world’s best fast food stop.

I know the show was made long before they put in the Taco Bell on Camp Bondsteel which makes me wonder if they were to do the list over again, who would win out as the best?  Taco Bell or Burger King?

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  1. instatick

    Ah yes, how could I ever forget Anthony’s and the marvelous delivery service. Many a rainy night did I order from Anthony’s 🙂

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