That time I spent 26 hours in Guatemala.

I went to Guatemala for work, to visit some Soldiers we have down there flying helicopters and supporting a humanitarian mission. It was a quick trip, with us spending just 26 hours in Guatemala.

Someone asked me if it was worth and I said, FUCK YES, because really, when else am I going to get a free trip to Guatemala?!


We flew down via learjet, making me feel like the fanciest of the fancy, and had just enough time the afternoon we arrived to wander around a market, buy some goods for ourselves and our families back home, and then, we did dinner.


I hope you all know how I feel about food and that it’s not surprising when I tell you that getting to eat real food in Guatemala was maybe the part I was most excited about. I can’t really tell you what I ate, but I can tell you there was rice and bread and spices and GUACAMOLE and black beans that tasted delightfully sweet and Guatemalan beers and it was all real damn delicious.

We went back to the hotel after dinner and a handful of us went to the hotel bar for a nightcap and that’s where we discovered the most amazing music video channel of all time, which played a ridiculous and amazing array of music that I’m probably going to blog about separately, because it was that amazing and that magical and I may have spent entirely too much time recently creating a playlist based on what we dubbed CLASSICO, the best music video channel of all time, full of awesome, random and cheesy songs.

I went back to my room later, determined to find that channel, but it wasn’t there. We’ve related it to a UFO, saying it’s one of those things that was only in our lives briefly, that we can’t fully explain and that no one else will understand.

Failing on finding the famed music video channel, I tried to watch a whole fuckton of things in Spanish, including The Voice, some movie with Angelina Jolie I couldn’t identify, Spartacus, a lot of soccer, Harry Potter, some murder shit on the ID Channel, Sesame Street, that new karate kid shit with Will Smith’s son, some BMX competition thing and some weird public access-type show with muppets.

The next day, we went to see the Soldiers, who were about a 45 minute helicopter ride away from where we were staying, in Guatemala City. They’re on a tiny little Guatemalan Army training base.

Va. Guard senior leaders visit aviators in Guatemala    Va. Guard senior leaders visit aviators in GuatemalaVa. Guard senior leaders visit aviators in Guatemala

We toured their area, learned about all the neat things they’re doing and then we got back on our helicopter, did an aerial tour of some of the schools and clinics that are being built down there by U.S. Soldiers and Airmen, lunched once we got back to Guatemala City and then we boarded our learjet and headed home.


And that was it.

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  1. SO glad I got to voyeur on this trip. I went to Guatemala in 2010, and I’ve been wanting to go back ever since. It’s such a vibrant place. I crossed the border and saw people being baptized in the same river people were washing their clothes in. And the food, yes, all the food — and weird music stations. <3

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