Steps toward privacy

A few days ago we finally hung the curtains, thus shielding us from the outside world just a little bit. We’ve got two ENORMOUS windows in our apartment and while we love the sunlight that streams in during the day, we hate it when, while sitting on our couch, our neighbors lean out their windows and wave at us. Not so fun really. So, I took on the task of making gigantic curtains. We got fabric from IKEA, 21 yards of fabric to be exact and I used bed sheets as a back liner for them. Thankfully, they look pretty good.


I was extremely concerned that we were going to hang them up only to discover that one was a foot shorter than the other, but no, amazingly enough, they’re all the same length.

Also among my recent projects were pillows, which, sadly, now that we’ve hung bright colored curtains in the living room, don’t really go well in the room at all.


Oh well. It was good practice and thankfully I’m not too attached to any of them. I’m hoping to make some new, even better pillows in the future to complement the new, and did I mention enormous, curtains.


Lastly, the adorable wee little garden gnome that Andrew got for Christmas has officially found a home on the windowsill. I know it’s probably hard to believe, but he’s even cuter in person.

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