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Turned 30 on Wednesday. Slept late, ran 4 miles, shared coffee and donuts.

Drove south, a little, to the woods. Wandered around, laid on a rock for 30 minutes before scaring some deer and sharing my life mess with the wilderness.

Spent 15 minutes on a swing set.

Got accosted by a goose and then chased that goose through a field, flapping my arms and yelling. Because 30.

Came home. Didn’t want to.

Flowers, IPAs and opening presents.

Cake and lady friends, beers and champagne.

To bed, late. Not happy, but not unhappy either.

So cheers. New beginnings and all that jazz.

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8 thoughts on “30.

  1. Happy Birthday, lady! I recently turned thirty too, and I’m torn between hurrah, celebrate all the birthdays (because cake) and oh man, so old now. I went on the side of hurrah (because cake). Hope the new beginnings and jazz are brilliant 🙂

  2. As always I am late commenting! Wishing you the happiest of belated birthdays. I firmly believe swing sets should be a mandatory part of all birthday celebrations. When I buy a house I’m getting one, I don’t care if I don’t have kids yet. Gorgeous tulips, my absolute favorite flower!

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