Freakin' Awesome Honeymoon Stop #3: George Town, Grand Cayman (Abridged)

Our time on Grand Cayman went something like this:

First, there was smiling.


Then, we went to Hell.

But things looked up and the world became gorgeous again.


And then – the best part – TURTLES!


It was perfect.


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4 thoughts on “Freakin' Awesome Honeymoon Stop #3: George Town, Grand Cayman (Abridged)

  1. Michelle

    You guys take the neatest pictures. My husband and I got married on Maui and there were hellacious lava fields like that–not good on the shoes when you walk over it. Oh, and I’m crazy jealous that you got to touch sea turtles!!!! How awesome!!

  2. instatick

    I went to Hawaii with my family a few years ago and I know exactly what you’re talking about. And touching sea turtles was pretty awesome 🙂

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