The Best: April


With April done that means we’re a third of the way done with this already-crazy year. April is always a tough month for me, but it had its bright spots. It was busy, like this whole year has been, but I managed to stumble upon a day or two in which absolutely nothing was scheduled. There are never enough of those lazy days, and I love them, even if I always manage to fill them up by checking things off my outstanding list of shit that needs to be done yesterday.

The best was destructo-kitties, who I love even though they’re the reason we can’t have nice things. The best was the first Bell’s Oberon of the year and afternoons with the windows wide open. It was turning off the heat and turning on the ceiling fans. The best was late afternoon naps with the dogs and cats snuggled close and trees bursting into bloom.


The best was new goodnight rituals with Andrew and developing a serious smoothie habit after having a wisdom tooth removed. It was cats in laundry baskets who refused to move, no matter how much folding took place around her. It was discovering new favorite recipes, like smoked tofu fried rice, and eating lots of tacos. It was going to the range, a handful of times, and firing a handgun for the first time as an adult.


The best was the Monument Avenue 10k and Color Me Rad and the Hardywood Twilight 4 Miler. It was my first personalized bib and watching friends set personal distance records. It was day drinking and craft fairs and color explosions and falling in love with my city all over again.



It was the triumphant return of raccoon cat and all the cats, really. It was summer food, cooked on a grill, and time spent with my favorite friends. It was immersing myself in good books and spending front porch time, with wine, reading them. It was getting back into the habit of taking care of the yard and actually taking pride in a freshly mowed and edged yard.


It was going to Alabama and enjoying the drive from Atlanta to Enterprise. It was watching Andrew make his map book, complete with mustache duct tape, and the absolute best was feeling like I was part of the process, even if for only a little bit. It was watching him create tears over spicy chicken wings and drinking late-night whiskey and sitting around a fire and fancy dinner out with friends. It was finally getting him hooked on Parks & Rec and getting to watch Game of Thrones together, snuggled on the couch. It was smoothies gone wrong, and waking up next to my person.


It was sleepy dogs, dining table spreads and celebrating birthdays with cheese. It was party hats and cat naps and meeting new lady friends. It was car singing and treadmill singing and shower singing. The best was closing out the month feeling lucky.

photo credit for Color Me Rad photo. all others, mine.

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3 thoughts on “The Best: April

  1. Wow, you did the photographs too? Beautiful, poignant and funny as well. After a rough month myself, it was lovely to end it with a joyful smile. Thanks for giving me that and we are lucky to have you.

  2. Love your photos and how you share them; so gorgeous. Sounds like a whole lot of good this past month. Have I told you that you are awesome lately cause you totally are! xo

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