The Best: March


Sometimes I don’t know where months disappear to, but March didn’t disappear. It was all MOMENTOUS OCCASIONS and shit. It was busy, busy, busy, with more weekends spent away sleeping in strange places than weekends spent in my own house. It was quick, to be sure, and I’m not a little surprised to find April already here and in bloom, but March was FULL most of all, in the best and most exhausting sort of way.


The best of March was the time I spent with my lady friends. They helped me through my first half marathon, my 29th birthday, my first mud run of the year, through a few plates of nachos, some poutine with pimento cheese on top and a couple orders of chicken wings, some beers and maybe a bottle or two of wine. With Andrew away for so long, I keep counting myself lucky to have a handful of truly incredible women in my life who can make me laugh & who are always there to support me, no matter what crazy shit I’ve gotten myself into.


The best of March was getting to visit Andrew & Alabama the weekend before my birthday. It was cheese plates & ravioli stuffed with butternut squash & a scary Alabama bar filled with aviators. The best was lazy afternoons and being able to wake up next to him, like I wish we always could. The best was birthday gifts and date night and putting on some walking music.


The best was turning 29 with nachos, lady friends, chicken wings, frozen yogurt & some of my favorite beers. It was my longest runs, and my first half marathon. It was a weekend in DC with some of my favorite people, including a whole fistful of Bloggers in Sin City alums. It was brunch & beers & sing-a-longs & cat attacks & snort laughs.


It was my first mud run of the year. The best was all the burpees, no matter how much I complain and hate them in the moment. The best was good beers and post-race chicken wings and documenting my race wounds. It was all the mud that fell from my pants post-run and finally getting warm again after freezing in mud and water for a handful of hours.

The best part of March was heading back to Alabama, one more time, to close out the month. It was seeing Andrew, jumping in the car and heading even further south, to Florida, to spend two days at the beach, soaking in the sun, even if it wasn’t quite warm enough to sun-sit. It was finding a good beer selection, giggling over excessive diner coffee prices and reading Storm of Swords side-by-side on the beach.




The best was going exploring and keeping our eyes open for alligators. It was a hotel room picnic of wine and cheese and meat and jalapeno bread. It was watching the season three premier of Game of Thrones together on the couch, and, better yet, it was ending March cuddled close.



Also, lizards! Lizards are the best!


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7 thoughts on “The Best: March

  1. You and Andrew are an adorable couple! I’m glad you were able to end the month with time with him (and lizards and Florida sun). Sounds like March was a great month for you full of so much goodness and accomplishment! You kick ass, friend =)

  2. Margaret

    I continue to love your writing. You are an excellent wordsmith. Thanks for sharing your adventure of life with us.

  3. Wow, you were one busy lady in March! Great photos from everything. 🙂 Miss your face. Let’s catch up soon. The Squirrels are back at it. Baseball soon?

  4. It sounds like you had a pretty epic March! March has been one for the recordbooks for me as well, so congrats on your half-marathon and a generally fabulous month. Also, that picture of Andrew is really adorable.

  5. seriously, the cutest and the most exciting month. hurray to runs and to birthdays and andrew visits (seriously your pictures together are adorable) and just, this month makes me happy, ha.

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