The Best: February

The best part of February was getting to go to Alabama for two consecutive weekends, the first to snuggle on the couch for the Super Bowl while munching on snacks I created from Pinterest recipes, the second to be there for Family Day, a stellar date night and an exceptionally lazy Saturday. In between visits, I got girl time in, cleaned the house, packed and repacked and came home, after the visits, to settle in to the month that’s before my birthday month.February-The Best


February-The Best1

The best was getting to see Jenn and to meet her fabulous and beautiful lady princess cat and venturing out in the rain for snacks and to sip red wine. It was Stacey‘s birthday brunch and a night in D.C. at Caryn‘s new apartment. It was getting back to my routine, running the longest runs of my life and a white cat who decided she wants to sleep curled up on my shoulder, like a parrot.

It was getting excited about a new hot water heater, trying not to spend money, and scheming new bedroom layouts. It was dog walks and chasing cats around the house and falling back in love with reading again.

February-The Best2

The best was a few of my favorite friends buying their first homes, it was new beers and grilled cheese sanwhiches and cats in bags and gym dates and taco nights. It was new running socks and the best dog and cat snuggles. It was working with the Canadian Army here in Virginia and reuniting with friends I’ve made in previous years. The best was dreaming up the next great adventure and allowing myself to float into a daydream. The best was proving that yes, I can, and yes, I will.

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5 thoughts on “The Best: February

  1. The grilled cheese looks so good! Glad you had a great month; sounds fabulous to me with all the girl time, personal time and husband/wife time you got in! And of course, taco nights. YUM.

  2. Oh god, I had one of those grilled cheeses, and I swear, no other grilled cheese (or sandwich for that matter) has ever been half as amazing as that one. I hope they keep going to Hardywood…I’ll eat them as long as they keep bringing them!

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