Things I am sure of.

I love the wild cats.

Omelets are my favorite thing to make for breakfast, but mostly I just use the egg as a vessel to get as many vegetables – plus a little cheese and sriracha – into my face.

Waking up with a white dog snuggled against my back and a white cat snuggled next to my head makes getting out of bed nearly impossible, especially when my alarm goes off an hour or so earlier than I’m used to like it did for most of last week.

I’m happier when I don’t eat meat. My skin looks better too and I spend less time whining and complaining about my stomach being upset and running is far easier  when I’m not eating bacon and chicken wings, which means, I guess, that I’m not going to be eating much meat, since I really like it when my skin looks lovely and when running doesn’t send my stomach into grumble fits.

My favorite color is green. And sometimes coral.

Popcorn counts as dinner.

Bellytimber is my favorite place in Richmond to go for nachos and beers with pretty much anyone, ever, but especially lady friends. I’ve gone often enough and ordered the nachos that now when I show up one of the bartenders asks me right away if I want to just go ahead and put in my nacho order as soon as I sit down and it makes me feel like a rock star regular in the most ridiculous, nerd girl sort of way.

I’m pretty much always a month or a year behind on whatever the latest and greatest thing is, whether it’s a book or a movie or a tv series or

I like driving. I had forgotten how much I enjoy it since Andrew used to do most of our driving, but having him gone has brought me back to the realization that the open road is one of my favorite places to be.

Bell’s Two Hearted Ale is my beer. It’s what I’ll always order and if it’s not available, you can just give me whatever IPA you’ve got on tap and I’ll drink the shit out of it, although not quite as happily as I’d drink a Two Hearted.

I am a prolific napper.

I’ve been listing to a lot of bluegrass lately which mostly makes me want to learn how to play the fiddle or a banjo and become a folk singer.

I still don’t like eggplant.

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5 thoughts on “Things I am sure of.

  1. I always like lists like these. I’m with you on the “always behind” thing. I’m just now watching Girls, I still haven’t finished the whole Harry Potter series, and I have yet to purchase anything from

  2. Funny you should mention the not eating meat thing. I’ve really cut down on my meat consumption and I’m pretty happy about it. I used to be totally veg back in the day, and I’m wondering if I should go back…

    Plus, naps are awesome.

  3. This: I’m pretty much always a month or a year behind on whatever the latest and greatest thing is, whether it’s a book or a movie or a tv series or

    Sums me up to a T. I’m always behind on books and things, TV series most especially (I’m just NOW watching the West Wing), and of course movies. I also haven’t finished the Harry Potter series (much less seen the movies). I’m totally ok with being behind, even if people think it’s a little bit crazy.

  4. Ella curls up under my chin with her head on the pillow the moment I climb into bed at night and would sleep all day if I let her–thus, I often wind up staying in bed well past 8am when I’ve been awake since 6:30 😉

  5. I’ll second you on always being behind on things. Even though I saw episodes of certain BIG shows, I never watched them regularly or even very often (think, Seinfeld, Friends, Sex and the City). Also, I’m way behind on social media (no Twitter, no Instagram, no Pinterest, no cool points, either, I suppose). =)

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