The Best: January

January was a slow descent into chaos and then, when I had time to look up from the chaos, it was over. I’m still writing 2012 on 67% of anything that requires a date and here we are, nearly into February. Maybe some year I’ll get it from the start or maybe I’ll just start writing 2014 preemptively in November and that way I’ll be ready come next January.

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The best of January was having Andrew here to start the year, along with a handful of my favorite friends. It was working at my dining table with Caryn, just being together and being close enough that we don’t have to fill up the silence. It was my husband flying a helicopter for the first time, hobo fires, brunch, cheese plates, eating tacos not nearly often enough, nachos at Bellytimber and Bell’s Two Hearted Ales. The best was our five year wedding anniversary, with gifts for the first time ever. It was bananas and test runs and new shoes and loving the people I’ve surrounded myself with.

January The Best2

The best was the Presidential Inauguration and working it, as a National Guardsman, for the second time. It was about early mornings and crappy food and begged beef jerky and laughing so hard my abs hurt the next day. It was working with a top-notch team of professionals, long-ass days and finally coming home to critter cuddles, a hot shower and a deliciously cozy bed.

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The best of January was the dip into winter, complete with snow and ice, and then a 70 degree day with a dog walk and sunshine. It was dill pickle Bloody Marys, more brunching, cats in boxes and snow dogs. It was less foot pain, and multiple runs in one week. It was the new MacBook Pro I’ve been wishing for for months, it was an eyebrow wax, a handful of BodyPump classes with upped weight and feeling strong again. It was cats who want to cuddle after every shower I take, friends buying houses and moving across state lines, and an incredible amount of excitement for the 5th and final Bloggers in Sin City. It was the start of what I hope to be an absolutely incredible year.

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  1. Caryn

    I’m so glad you are back to doing these. It is a great way to look back and remember what happened. Because really, you’re right. January went by stupid fast. I agree, I cherish that part of our friendship. You grew and accomplished so much in 2012, so here’s to an even better and happier 2013.

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