Eleven things I’m okay with not liking or loving.

You can’t love all the things. Some things that other people like are annoying, or gross, or loud, or awful. And that’s ok. To each their own.

1. Blue Cheese.

2.The Yorkie next door.

3. Chickens.

4. Most white wine.

5. Swallowing pills – big or little.

6. Getting my face wet when swimming.

7. Getting my hair cut.

8. Movie theater popcorn.

9. Flavorless beers.

10. Eggplant.

11. Jello.

What are you okay not loving or liking?

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23 thoughts on “Eleven things I’m okay with not liking or loving.

  1. SO MANY THINGS i will have to do a post of my own. god, i am glad i met you this year. i know we didn’t chat much in vegas, but let’s remedy that in 2013?

    and for an actual comment – i’m a little sad for you that you don’t like blue cheese but that’s ok – it’s a really strong flavor and def. not for all. i don’t like white wine either. does anyone actually LIKE swallowing pills? weirdos. getting my hair cut gives me panics that they’re going to fuck it up and leave me ugly – curly hair can go ugly so quickly. movie theater popcorn is really bad for you, and fake as hell, so that’s cool. i don’t drink ANY beer, so i assume flavorless beer is especially shitty (are we talking like, bud light?).

    about jello. i had this silly phase last summer where i decided to do phase 1 atkins for an indeterminate period of time. in phase 1, you’re restricted to 20g of carbs a day, which is like NONE. and i ate a lot of sugar free jello to deal with sweet cravings but MY GOD – it truly just tastes like vile chemicals. it has the nastiest aftertaste. and jello IS weird.

  2. I totally understand the blue cheese dislike (I used to hate it) – recently one of my friends was talking about her hatred for it at a wine cheese party thing my friend was having. So our host gave her a tiny piece with apricot spread on a cracker with a nice glass of red wine. She didn’t love it after trying it but she said it wasn’t awful. I dunno where I’m going with this but anyway, I get that hatred.
    I also agree with Dominique – getting curly hair cut is such a crap shoot that I literally haven’t been to a hairdresser since January. I trim my own hair – probably worse but meh.
    Anyway, I like this list and love the idea of being okay not liking things. Who says we have to be all “I love everything” all the time? Exhausting!

  3. BLUE CHEESE. ugh. If there are teensy little crumbles on my salad, I am okay with it, but otherwise… no thank you.

    I have no opinion on most of these things, which means I don’t love them either. I think I do like white wine over red wine, because most moscatos are white and that’s really the only kind of wine I can count on to love, because I dislike dry wines which means I will never be a wine aficionado.

    I could keep rambling on and on but I’ll just end up hijacking your post so I won’t.

    ALso, I miss you.

  4. After reading these comments, I’m really feeling much better about my hatred of blue cheese. Usually when I say that I don’t like it, people are all, “OMG NO WAY, IT’S SO GOOD!” It’s not. It’s mold.

  5. Mmmm eggplant, white wine and blue cheese. Delish!

    My list:

    Putting my face underwater (unless I am scuba diving)
    Driving with the top down (ruins my curly hair/makes the wispies come out in full force)

  6. Have to say that #9 is probably one of my favorite things about you. Don’t ever put up with flavorless beer! I also vote for a doggie punt of the Yorkie, for sure. And not sure if you’re referring to live chickens or not, but my neighbors have confused roosters who crow all day and night so I can feel ya on that one.

  7. I used to dislike eggplant, until I figured out that I wasn’t cooking it right. Now I love it, especially with shiitakes and a spicy tomato sauce with penne…ok, now I’ve made myself drool.

    My list:
    Soup (I mean, it’s liquid. Can I please have solid calories? UNLESS IT’S PHO. Then all bets are off.)
    Carly Rae Jepson’s Call Me Maybe
    Fishing (TORTURE)

  8. OMG I HATE JELLO I HATE IT SO MUCH. And whenever I tell people it grosses me out, they make a point to swish it between their teeth or something else equally disgusting. SERIOUSLY WHY? I am shuddering just thinking about it.

  9. The things I don’t love/don’t like:

    1. The family court system.
    2. When I feel like I’m in Office Space (people DO steal my stapler)
    3. Mushrooms.
    4. Alarms.
    5. Prying questions
    6. Rude people
    7. People who don’t pick up after their dogs around the neighborhood/in my lawn
    8. Breaking a nail (I know, such a girlie thing to say).
    9. Guiness.
    10. Drama.
    11. Preparing raw chicken

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