The movie I saw the most of.

Most movies are worth seeing once, some not even once. And then there are the other movies, more in depth and thought-provoking, that require additional viewings. Maybe one, maybe two. Then there’s those movies you can watch over and over again, the ones that pop up on TBS or HBO as you’re channel surfing and suck you in within seconds, the movies you saw at the theater more than once, or twice or three times, the ones that you love, that manage to define whole eras of your life.

For me, one of those movies is Titanic. I saw it 7 (SEVEN!) times in theaters when it was first released and you can bet your ass I went and saw it in 3D when it was released earlier this year. The moment the music started during the opening credits, I burst into tears because THE MEMORIES AND THE LOVE AND LEONARDO DiCAPRIO all make my heart sing and weep and spasm.

I’m not entirely sure what it was about that movie that made my little 13-year-old heart so happy. Maybe it’s the love, the crazy, wild and innocent romance between Jack and Rose or maybe it was just that Leonardo DiCaprio was and is a beautiful man that my little heart just couldn’t get enough. So, when I had the opportunity to review the just-released, super and fantastically improved, digitally remastered Titanic four-disc Blu-ray set (read about all it’s goodness here), I was all YES, PLEASE and also all, TISSUES, PLEASE!

True story: So obsessed was I with Titanic that I had my mom pre-order the two-tape VHS set from Amazon because I was going through crazy teen Titanic withdrawal. I didn’t even care that I had to switch tapes in the middle, I was just glad that I had the option of daily Titanic viewings.

Things are different now. When Titanic was first released, you got the movie and that was it and it was enough because you didn’t know what DVDs were and you didn’t know about deleted scenes, but today I do and this sexy little Blu-ray set is not only beautiful, but also comes with 30 deleted scenes and an alternate ending (SPOILER ALERT: Jack still dies), which really, was all it would take to make me over-the-moon happy and joyful, but there’s all sorts of other goodness on those discs including documentaries and behind he scenes footage and also Leonardo DiCaprio being just as beautiful as I remember him being. It’s brilliant, really, more than enough to take me down memory lane skipping and frolicking and almost enough to make me want to return to writing “I <3 Leo” in my notebook.

DISCLAIMER: I was provided with the four-disc Blu-ray Titanic combo pack, along with additional goodies. I was not compensated and all thoughts and opinions are my own.

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10 thoughts on “The movie I saw the most of.

  1. I love Titanic too, though perhaps not on the same level. I do know most of the lines and still bawl my eyes out every time though! The main movies I got VERY excited about were the Lord of the Rings ones. The extended edition boxsets of those movies send me to my happy place.

    1. My mom was OBSESSED when the Lord of the Rings extended versions came out and it definitely wore off on me a little too – I just love the extra goodies that DVDs allow us to have these days.

  2. Confession: I have not ever seen this movie. Ever. Weird, right? Every time I went to see it when it first came out years ago it was always sold out. I tried for like four months or something so figured it wasn’t meant to be. I still haven’t watched it. However, I am intrigued by the alternate ending and how much people love it so I may have to change this!

    1. I’m impressed you’ve never seen it, just like I’m impressed I’ve never seen Gone with the Wind or any of those other MUST SEE movies.

      And you probably should see it, if only to marvel at Leo 🙂

  3. San

    We talked about this before: I saw the movie 10 (!) times at the theater. I don’t own it on DVD though… but I am highly intrigued.
    Also: I <3 Leo. He looked so handsome in the movie!

  4. I only got to see it once in theaters but my sister and I were totally ON that shit when it came out in 3D. I liked seeing it on the big screen again but I hated the 3D, it made me dizzy. So that was annoying, but otherwise, OMG yes.

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