Holy Bejesus Monkeys!

I don’t think I’ve ever posted on a Sunday. I just don’t think it’s something I’ve ever even thought about doing on a Sunday. Sunday’s are generally filled with laying in bed sleeping, or just laying in bed and not moving, or reading, or eating, or reading blogs, or watching movies, lots of movies. I love, love, love Sundays.

Today though, I got my flickr account in order and organized all the photos I’ve taken over the past month, and I am super psyched to announce that I finished #20 on the list. I took at least one picture a day for a full month and I’m pretty pleased with myself about it. I plan to continue the habit, as I really do want pictures to take home with me after the deployment is over. It’s a nice keepsake to have anyway.

To see my now thirty-three days of pictures, click here.

In other list related news, I’m more than half way done on the 26 things project, and that makes me super psyched as well.

In general, I’m pretty happy with the list and the progress I’ve made. A lot of things on the list are things that I can’t really evaluate until the 1001 days is up, but that’s okay. I’m happy now with slowly chipping away at things.

In totally unrelated news, does anyone remember MASH? As in the game we played in elementary school, not the show. If you don’t hopefully the following links will jog your memory a bit.

1. PlayMash.com – Not bad, although my results pissed me off.

2. DollarShort Mash – This one is good. Really, really good. Once you enter in all the stuff, and click the enter button, click the start button up top and it will start making little tick marks until you click stop and tell it to go. If I remember correctly, that’s how it really worked back in the day, only it wasn’t a computer making tick marks, it was your friend. Anyway, this one said something about me having a Green RAV4 and living in Virginia, among a few other things, so, I trust it.

Oh, Happy Easter!

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