Warrant Officers, love & 8,000 happy tears.

On Tuesday I flew from Richmond to Charlotte to Pensacola and then drove the two and a half hours to Fort Rucker, Alabama, where I waited, anxiously, to see my husband for the first time in 46 days. He was released, we texted, found a meeting point and when his car pulled up next to my rental (a Prius, natch), I burst into tears.

He climbed into my car and I stared at him, teary eyed and breathless and we hugged across the center console. I buried my face in his neck, breathing it all in, reveling in the first bits of physical contact I’d had with my husband and best friend in six and a half weeks and dripping tears onto his collar.

We’d only spoken four times in the past five and a half weeks, since he started Warrant Officer Candidate School (WOCS). He’d been forced to turn in his phone back at the end of June and it wasn’t until three and a half weeks later that he’d gotten his first phone call.There was so much to say, so much to catch up on, but in that moment – that first moment – all I could do was cry and nuzzle my face further into his neck.

That night there was a reception, a chance for family members to meet the Warrant Officers who had been responsible for our Candidates for the past several weeks. I got to meet Andrew’s roommates, his Training, Advising and Counseling (TAC) Officers and had an ample amount of time to stand around awkwardly in a dress and heels. For the first time in our four and a half years of marriage, I stood next to Andrew at a military event as his wife, not his fellow Soldier. I felt like I was incognito, undercover in my pearls and heels, disguised by my sock bun.

He got an overnight pass on Tuesday, but had to back at work my 5am on Wednesday in order to prepare for his 10am graduation.

I donned my dress uniform, the one I only wear once a year or so, and returned the more familiar role of wife and Soldier.

Andrew raised his right hand, again, and pledged allegiance to America and the state of Virginia, so help him God, and then his name was called and up I went to pin new rank on him, the rank of Warrant Officer, and just like that the Staff Sergeant I used to be married to turned into a Warrant Officer.

 I saluted him, because that’s what you’re supposed to do.

I returned to my seat and looked at him, smiling as tears filled my eyes. I can’t express how proud of him I am, how in love with him I am, how lucky I feel to be able to call him my husband. He’s amazing, really. He’s capable of anything he puts his mind to. He’s wanted this for years and he’s doing it now and this accomplishment, this move to become a Warrant Officer, is a first in a whole list of accomplishments that I can’t wait to celebrate with him. I am so lucky, so, so, so incredibly lucky to have found him, to have had the sense to marry him and to have been able to call him mine for all of these years.

I looked at him as we drove back to the hotel to change and again, for maybe the one millionth time since we got married four and a half years ago, I fell in love with him.

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22 thoughts on “Warrant Officers, love & 8,000 happy tears.

  1. not gonna lie, i teared up a bit (a lot) reading this. so much pride. seriously, what an awesome thing. and six weeks apart with no phone calls? I die a little inside just thinking about it. SO HARD. glad your love is back with you, congrats to him!! <3

  2. Yay!!! Congrats to Andrew! I’m so glad you got to be there for that and that you finally got to see him! I can’t imagine how excited and anxious you must have felt on your way there. This kind of schmoopy love is inspiring, and I’m so happy for you. 🙂

  3. Crissy

    Make that 8,004 happy tears, because I definitely just shed a few at my desk reading this. You two have a wonderful love story that I enjoy reading about when you are so incredibly kind to expose us readers to. Please keep it up, because you show the world what true love is. Congratulations Andrew! and thank you Terra for continuing to inspire me with your words.

  4. Mary

    This is one of the most beautiful things that I have ever read. Your marriage and love for one another is inspiring. Congratulations to Andrew and to you as well.

  5. This made me cry – so make it 8002. I am so happy for you, i love you both and am so proud of him! I love the photos. I hope this continues to inspire YOU, to know that you, too, can accomplish anything you want. You guys are truly lucky to have each other. love to you both, xox.

  6. I absolutely love this post and can feel your emotion from hundreds of miles away! I’d be lying if I said my eyes weren’t a bit misty at the moment–it’s because I’m peeling onions, I swear…

    And you look so darn cute in your dress uniform. What a beautiful couple you two make!

  7. Awww congrats Andrew! I’m glad that you were finally able to catch up with him- although it sounds like you didn’t get to spend a ton of time together. Do you know the next time you will get to talk to him or see him?

    1. I’ve booked a trip to see him Labor Day and now that the first part of his training is over, he gets his phone and we can FaceTime every day. It’s wonderful and I’m a much better person when I get to talk to my husband on a daily basis!

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