[5 Points] Things that are different now that I live alone.

This week has been the week from hell. Lots of long days at the office. No weekend off. Lots of crazy work assignments and a very full office. Pure madness, really. I worked all last week, all weekend, all this week and then, in a fit of insanity, I volunteered to work this Saturday so I can earn some comp time to make visiting Andrew in Alabama easier.

And speaking of Andrew, I get to see his crazy ass next week and I’m losing my mind in excitement. I haven’t seen him since June 14 and that’s just ridiculous and since June 20th, I’ve only talked to him three times. Saying I miss him seems like a gross understatement, but I’ve got nothing else other than to say HOLY FUCK DO I MISS MY HUSBAND. It’s ridiculous, you guys, and, in the amount of time I’ve been living alone, I’ve learned a few things and realized that, while I always knew I was a little crazy, I’m actually even crazier than I suspected. The shit I’ve done as I’ve settled into living alone is equal parts ridiculous and fabulous, which I guess is kind of how I describe myself.

1. The conversations I have with my pets are far more involved. I used to simply ask the dogs dog related questions, but things have gotten far more intense than that since Andrew’s departure. Now, when we’re all laying on the couch, I talk at them about whatever show I happen to be watching at the time. It’s usually during moments of reality tv related ridiculousness and I’m not so far gone that I’m imagining the dogs talking back to me, but still, in the absence of another human, I’ve learned I’ll talk at whatever living and breathing critter is around.

2. The conversations I have with myself are far more involved. Sometimes I’ll be working on something and since Andrew isn’t here to launch ideas at and off of, I’ll just bounce ideas off myself and talk myself (it’s more like a mumble, really) through whatever shit I’m trying to work through. I don’t tend to do it in public, but sometimes when I’m working something I’ll answer the crazy questions I ask the air.

3. I eat a lot more vegetables. It’s not that Andrew and I didn’t eat a lot of vegetables – we did – but, when it’s just me, I’ve found I cook a lot more and that most of the things I cook are vegetables and that really, more often than not I just whip up a fabulous and delicious salad and call it a day.

4. I take a lot more naps. I could nap for days. If napping were an Olympic sport, I’d be a gold medalist. I’ve become slightly addicted to the post-work nap, usually taken between 5:30 and 6:30 pm and it’s a fabulous and wonderful thing.

5. The house is cleaner. I have basically NO TIME to get anything done because I’m just one person and my job is crazy and I love my friends and I like seeing them and because I have four crazy furbabies, so really, I have NO TIME, and yet, here’s my house, looking far cleaner than it ever did when there were two humans here instead of just little old me. And it’s not that Andrew was the one making all the messes – it’s not that at all – I think it’s just that I know I’m responsible for cleaning up whatever mess I happen to make and that there’s no more splitting of cleaning responsibilities.

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7 thoughts on “[5 Points] Things that are different now that I live alone.

  1. Toddlers & Tiaras all day long. I bet Sadie has some shit to say about that show.

    Oh, and don’t forget – not only do you talk to your dogs, but you sing with them. I could use a little more of that in my life, actually.

  2. I find that I’ve far messier when Nathan is away – but that, like you, I talk to the cat SO MUCH MORE.

    I am the world’s greatest napper. I will compete against you in the age-old sport of napping any day.

  3. KT

    Oh I have all kinds of conversations with my dogs in my house with CP gone. If anyone was around, it would be downright embarrassing. But, it’s just me and the dogs so I don’t feel too bad about it. Hopefully I can stop next week once CP and I are in the same state once again…. 🙂

    My house is also very clean! I blame most messes on CP anyway, so that’s probably why….

  4. You describe yourself well, I agree. And having been at Ft Rucker I’m sure this has helped Andrew make it through the ridiculous/fabulous Warrant Officer Course.

  5. Picturing you having involved convos with the animals is hilarious.
    So glad you get to see him this week and good grief you’re working your ass off!
    No wonder all the naps!

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