Today’s the day, y’all! After a full spin around the sun, countless squees and giggles and some life-changing friendships, it’s time to go back and do it all again. It’s Bloggers in Sin City time!

My excitement. It is excited.


1. IT’S OKAY IF YOU DON’T CLICK WITH EVERYONE. It a perfect world, you’d be able to throw 60 strangers into a pool and have them all come out BFFs, but the reality is that while everyone who goes to Vegas for #BiSC is a rock star, you’re probably not going to click with each and every one of them. Sometimes there is chemistry, sometimes there’s not, and that’s totally okay.

2. IT’S OKAY TO BE NERVOUS. Butterflies are par for the course when you’re about to walk into an unknown situation in Las Vegas.

3. IT’S OKAY TO HAVE ALL THE FUN. Sometimes I just can’t let myself go, but last year I made a commitment to myself to be as me as possible and to just relax. Stop the bullshit, I told myself, and just be. It worked surprisingly well and I found so many of my quirks popping up in casual conversations with complete strangers and when no one ran screaming from my weirdness, I realized that if there’s ever time to let your freak flag fly, it’s when you’re with a horde of fellow bloggers.

4. REAL FRIENDSHIPS CAN BLOSSOM IN 15 MINUTE INTERVALS OF CONVERSATION. I rolled my eyes at all the romance of Bloggers in Sin City, assuming that there’s no way honest to goodness amazeball friendships could pop up over the course of a wickedly fun long weekend, but damn if I didn’t go last year and get proved wrong. It’s amazing what can happen in Vegas.

5. VEGAS IS SPARKLEY. People watching is top-notch in Vegas and in those few moments of quiet, I had so much fun just looking around me and smiling at all the glitz and glitter.



  1. Great lessons to learn from last year! Let’s see if you learn others this year since it won’t be so “unknown”.

    SO EXCITED! Can’t wait to see you! 🙂

  2. San

    You know that you’re making me insanely jealous right now, don’t you? I really wish I could be there with all of you… I feel a little left out to be honest and might have to avoid Twitter the next few days…. but thenI also hope you have all have an absolute blast. 🙂 There is always a next year! 😉

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