Tattoos, graduation, and getting my ass handed to me.

Yesterday I forgot how old I am. I could not remember, for the life of me, whether I’d just turned 27 or 28.

To figure it out, I had to do math: 2012-1984=28.

So, I’m 28. Have been for about a month and half now.

Today I take the last quiz of my college career. In exactly one week, I’ll turn in my final writing assignment for college. And then I’ll be done. A week from Saturday, I’ll graduate.

I want a new tattoo. Badly. Like, I keep falling down the well of inspiration that is Pinterest and trying to come up with what it is, exactly, that I’d like to get.

I haven’t been tattooed in something like 10 years, but the craving for something new is definitely back with a vengeance.

The thing is, and there’s surely a post on this coming, I’ve only ever had easy to cover tattoos. They’re all on my back or my stomach and if I don’t want you to see them, you won’t. But now I want something that’s not as easy to cover up. I’m thinking I want to be visibly tattooed, but that feels like a really big step for some reason, like I’d be coming out of some tattooed closet, making my entrance into the world as someone different, someone who people look at differently and someone who gets touched by well-meaning strangers who want a better look at what I’ve had inked on.

But, I’m a honey badger, and I don’t think I care.

I’ve started going to Body Combat at my gym and I’m in love with it. It’s a mixed martial arts cardio work out that kicks my ass each and every time.

The first time I took it I was so woozy afterwards that it took me a full ten minutes of wandering around the parking lot to find my car. I was determined, for at least 7 of those minutes, that my car had been stolen.

It’s all punching and kicking and sometimes we let out a few HIYAH!-type sounds and I feel like it’s making me a better person.

That said, I’m wildly uncoordinated. You would think that a four step combo of punches and kicks wouldn’t be the hardest thing in the world, but for me, it is. I was determined though, determined not to let my inability to sync with the music or to get the moves right the first half dozen times deter me from attending the class and last night I had a bit of a breakthrough and realized that while I’m still wildly uncoordinated and half a beat off 50% of time, I’m actually getting better. Here’s hoping that after 10 or so more classes I won’t feel the need to hide in the back corner and scowl at myself.

I continue to have cutest (and sometimes most annoying) pets.


15 thoughts on “Tattoos, graduation, and getting my ass handed to me.

  1. You’ve been pinning some seriously gorgeous tattoos! They’ve been giving me the itch to get more too!
    Yeah, mine can be covered as well… always wanted to go all out though.

  2. You’re the same age as Ryan! 🙂 His birthday is in a few months though. I always have to do the math to remember.

    Hello adorable animals! 😀

  3. I manage to forget my age every now and then, too– and it’s usually while I’m driving, so that apparently makes math extra-hard. (?) It’s always something like, “Ok, now that I’m 27…or am I 28? Yes, 28. That seems right. Shit.”

    1. Driving definitely makes math extra hard. Math is hard for me anyway and if it’s not quiet and I can’t focus – forget about it. I can’t do simple arithmetic.

  4. Ash

    I kinda think when you are younger, as in pre-25, every year counts a lot. So you always know exactly how old you are. But once you get comfortably settled into adulthood, the novelty wears off, and you ave many more important things to worry about. I virtually always have to do the math. Sometimes I don’t believe the result, and have to do it again…

    1. Ash

      OMG OMG OMG OMG if this is really 2012, then next year would, logically, be 2013, and I cannot possibly be this close to… to… to… FIFTY???!!!
      *deep breathing*

  5. i literally just had my birthday last week and i was forgetting how old i’d turned, haha. you are so not alone there.

    also, yay for the almost graduate! woo!

  6. 1) I forget how old I am all the time, except I tend to think I’m 27 when I’m actually 26.
    2) CONGRATULATIONS! That’s SUCH a good feeling. 🙂
    3) I always want new tattoos. As someone with relatively visible tattoos (top of foot ankle, and wrist) I can say that subtle is best. Nothing too large or in-your-face, especially if you’re not entirely sure how comfortable you are with its visibility. Mine can be covered, but most of the time they aren’t, but they’re subtle enough that most people don’t notice.
    4) That “where the eff is my car OMGITWASSTOLEN” feeling? I get that after every hot yoga class.
    5) They are pretty adorable. 🙂

    1. I’m really glad I’m not the only one who thinks my car was stolen after an extra tough work out. I felt like such a dumbass, wandering around the parking lot all dazed and confused.

  7. I’ve been thinking of getting a visible tattoo, too. I mean, right now I have three, & though they’re all small, two are visible – one on my left wrist & another on my right foot. But I sort of want something bigger, like on my collarbone, or my forearm. Something that says “I HAVE A TATTOO.” But I’m not a honey badger yet. I might still care. Teach me yer ways.

    1. I think I’m still working toward my full honey badger potential with the tattoo thing. I do not want to give a shit, but there’s still this little part of me that’s scared. I really want something on my forearm, but that’s like, serious tattooed-ness…

  8. San

    Almost done with college – phew! Congratulations.

    Finally one thing we DON’T have in common (it started to get creepy, lady ;))…. I have no desire to get a tattoo. Never have.

    Your pets are adorable – love them.

  9. I had to stop and think about how old I was the other day too. And then I panicked slightly because I was afraid I was going senile ALREADY.

    That workout regimen sounds like it would kill me dead. So color me awestruck. You’re awesome. I’m jealous of you. Again. Still. Whichever. Semantics.

  10. Because I’ve always been a relative youngster in my field of journalist veterans, I’ve usually lied about my age to make myself older. That has a similar effect to me often forgetting my age, and therefore when I actually did turn 29 in February, I felt like I had been so old for five years now (which is about how long I’ve claimed that as my age). Oh well, at least it should make turning 30 next year that much easier, right?

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