February: The month of anticipation and almost birthday monthness.

First, thank you all your kind comments and support on my last post. The kindness, love and support I’ve found through blogging constantly amazes and inspires me.

March is my birthday month. February has been so full and busy that I’ve hardly had time to think about the fact that I’ll be turning 28 in less than 2 weeks. It just doesn’t feel like it’s almost my birthday or like I’m about to turn 28. 28, in fact, seems way older than I am. 28 seems very grown up and adult-like. Grown up and adult-like is not something I am, at least not when I’m alone with my thoughts or when I’m busy meowing along to random songs on the radio.

February was…

Buying plane tickets to far away lands. Picking hotel rooms for Paris and London. My nose in a book. Dog eared pages of things to see and do. Mental checklists. Travel scheming. Daydreaming. Stray cat extravaganzas. Wishing that I could scoop up all the wild cats and keep them forever and ever amen and teach them how to clean their own damn litterboxes.

Super Bowl food. Super Bowl commercials. Super Bowl tweets. Food I rarely eat. Food comas, food hangovers and excessive cheese consumption. Tacos, always. Cold beers, red wine and mojitos.

Cats who watch dog shows. Dogs who are indifferent. Shed monsters. Cat and dog fur on all the things. Sweeping and vacuuming and lint rolling. School papers, school reading, school discussions. Getting it done. Inching closer and closer and closer to graduation.

Boot shopping. J. Crew expeditions. Snow and sunshine. Windows down, open, breezes blowing. Birds chirping at cats, cats chirping at birds. Fresh foods. Garden schemes. Lady birthday celebrations. BiSC cookies. Vegas flight bookings and daily squeals of excitement for all the fun to come in May.

Brunch, always. Pancakes and waffles and bacon and eggs and mimosas for days. Sleeping in until 8:00. Grocery store sushi. Trying new fitness classes. Getting my ass kicked. Sore muscles, in a good way. Long runs and short runs. Books. A pile of magazines. Giant cups of tea, fruit and toast. Peanut butter and bananas. Dessert.

A loss. A flood of memories. A reminder that my Army family is one of my favorite families. A coming together, a sharing of memories.

Unexpected reminders that love survives, always.

7 thoughts on “February: The month of anticipation and almost birthday monthness.

  1. As your elder, I will instill this knowledge in you: 28 rocks! It was my absolutely favorite year so far, and I have a feeling 29 is going to be even better. Happy almost birthday month! =)

    (I agree with Stray Cat Extravaganza being a great name: You need to copyright that shit.)

  2. Adorable cat! Those BiSC cookies look awesome and delicious! AND Happy Early Birthday!! I felt the same way about turning 28. It sounded so old. We’re now in the late 20’s. In fact, seeing the number 20 seems wrong since we’re so much closer to the 30’s. Well, I’ve been 28 for about 3 months. It feels the same really, so yay for being young at heart!

    Sorry to hear about your loss. Hope/Love survive.

  3. Now I feel like a douche for forgetting about the SUPERBOWL! What on earth was I thinking? Haha… I need to go add that.
    This looks like a great, fun and random month for you! Super jealous of your traveling plans.
    I’m sorry to hear about the loss in your Army family. Hope you’re doing okay!

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