{5 Points} Road Trips I’d Like to Embark Upon

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I love the idea of a road trip. It’s like magic. The idea of open highway, my favorite songs playing on the radio, wind in my hair, and a perfectly cloudless sky is the stuff my dreams are made of. I’ve never actually been on a real road trip, at least not one where the intent was to enjoy myself along the way. I’ve traveled long distances by car, but never for any reason besides work, or to get from Point A to Point B.

I’m determined to do at least one significant road at least once in my life. Andrew and I talk about retiring and renting an RV and just going, zig zagging our way across the country. I just want to experience it, the open road and the magic of road adventures. I want to explore, to find things on accident,  I want to eat macaroni and cheese in every state possible, to see a giant ball of string and other delightful bits of Americana.

1. Route 66.  Los Angeles to Chicago. 2,451 miles. Is there any road trip more iconic than Route 66? It’s the Ultimate Drive, THE road trip to beat all road trips. Interstates have wrecked havoc on Route 66, pulling traffic and customers from the small communities and shops along the way, but it’s still there. Still drivable, still lined with bit of American history.

2. Pacific Coast. Olympic National Park to San Diego. 1,500 miles. I’ve lived on the East Coast my whole entire life so there’s always been this magical appeal about the Pacific Coast. California is some crazy sort of magic I just can’t comprehend and the Pacific Ocean is so very, very different from the Atlantic I’ve grown up next too. I’m told this route is especially breathtaking, with abundant views of the ocean and even if I don’t get to drive all of it, I’m determined to at least drive some of it.

3. Overseas Highway. Florida Keys. 127.5 miles. I’ve got a wicked fear of bridges, but I still want to take this trip. It’s a whole system of bridges and roads linking the Florida Keys together, all the way down to Key West, the “Southernmost City.” I’d probably be so freaked out I couldn’t drive and there’d probably be seagulls launching vicious attacks at our car, but I’d still do it just for the bragging rights. Plus, sun and turquoise waters are usually pretty good motivators when it comes to getting me conquer random fears.

4. Blue Ridge Parkway. Virginia & North Carolina. 469 miles. This is the place of my birth, my home for a large chunk of my life. There’s nothing like the Blue Ridge mountains. They’re the oldest on the continent, which means they’re mellow and rolling and not all pointy like those other mountains. They’re beautiful, especially in fall when the leaves change to brilliant shades of orange, red, purple and brown. I’ve driven parts of this route, but never the whole thing.

5. The Southern Route. Los Angeles to Jacksonville, Flordia. 2,460 miles. I might live in the South, but I live in the northern part of the South and I’ve never been to Arizona or New Mexico, have only briefly visited Texas and Mississippi and have only accidentally visited Alabama, and even then it was just for work. This part of the country is basically unknown to me. It’s a complete mystery and since I’m determined to try macaroni & cheese in each and every state, it makes damn good sense to road trip through states whose macaroni and cheese delicacies I haven’t tasted yet.

Any road trips you’d like to embark upon?

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18 thoughts on “{5 Points} Road Trips I’d Like to Embark Upon

  1. These all sound pretty fabulous. When you make your way to Texas, make sure you come through Dallas and I’ll take you for Macaroni and Cheese at The Porch, where it’s so good you want to dive in and swim around in it!

  2. ummm….. where on that list is a Canadian road trip???? LOL
    seriously though, we have some of the most beautiful landscapes ever! AND you would get to come visit me!! 🙂

    1. I would love to road trip Canada, but I only recently learned that you have roads and that you have other modes of transport besides moose. I’ll come when there’s Target! 🙂

  3. Ash

    Please eat an extra serving of macaroni and cheese at every stop just for me. Gluten-free + dairy-free = great sadness. The substitutes just don’t cut it.

  4. I WILL DO THIS WITH YOU! I WANT TO DO THIS!!! Its on my life list! I’ll be your travel buddy. (Sorry, Andrew!) Growing up my family did cross country road trips every summer and I got to see a majority of the country that way. It is one of my favorite memories. I have always dreamed of doing that again but I want to rent an RV/ motor home thingy to travel in.

    p.s. love the quote at the bottom. didn’t notice that until now.

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