The Madness that is this

Life in the SGS office has swings. Sometimes I can go a week with absolutely nothing happening, and then, other weeks, like this week, I’m running around like crazy with barely enough time to take a sip of water. The entire month of March seemed slow, with very few visitors coming in, and really, not much happened. But then, my boss went on leave, and now there is entirely too much stuff going on. Not only do we have important visitors coming in this week, but a million other issues have popped up and it’s been a little crazy. I like lazy afternoons, and until just now, with only about an hour left of my work day, things are starting to slow down.

I’m really not complaining. Today has flown by due to all the activity. Plus, I went to lunch (Taco Bell) late today and didn’t get back until 1:30 which made it seem like late afternoon by the time I returned and dealt with a massive pile of email. What’s weird is that I spent the first half of the morning wondering if my email was working because I didn’t get anything between 8:00 and about 10:00. That just doesn’t happen. Ever. But then, I left the office and, wonder of wonders my email worked fine, and when I did return I had twenty happy little emails begging me to deal with them.

It’s not the best week to deal with all my hostility or to work on being nicer to the people I care about, but so far, I think I’ve done pretty well.

Additionally, it’s been almost a month that I’ve taken a picture every day and while I feel frustrated and determined that I’ve taken a picture of everything on Camp Bondsteel, I’m thinking I might try and continue the project for at least another month. We’ll see though. Hopefully with spring hitting us, I’ll feel inspired to go take pictures of green leafy things and flowers that might spring up. There are suddenly a million dandelions all over the place and I want only to go and lay in the grass and take pictures of them. With this whole picture thing though, I have to admit that I’ve felt rather crazy taking pictures of my lunch, or pictures of interesting textures that I find in my office. I swear I’m not crazy, I’m just trying to remember this experience.

And finally, I’d like to say that I cannot wait to get to the gym – I gave my abs a day off yesterday and that’s just not the right answer. I did run though, not for very long, but I’m hoping if I slowly break back into the whole running thing my shins won’t go on strike. We’ll see though, I’m not holding breath, just hoping for the best.

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