Cheers, Lover Bean: 4 Years of (mostly) Blissful Marriage

4 Things I’m Sure of After 4 Years of Marriage

1. I’ve got a good dude. The best dude, really. He’s the best partner in crime, the best person to embark on adventures with and he’s always got my back. He gets  me popcorn when I’m angry, rubs my back when it hurts and kisses me every day. He hasn’t had me committed yet, finds my quirks endearing and hilarious instead of bat shit crazy and laughs at my jokes. Sometimes he even puts the dishes in the dishwasher the “right” way.

2. We might be crazy. A few months ago we meowed along to a jazz song in the car on the way home from work. It wasn’t planned. We didn’t discuss it. I started meowing, he followed and we created meow jazz. It was a beautiful and moving experience that showed just how in sync we are insanity-wise.

3. It gets better. It was great before and now it’s greater. We’ve still got sparks. I still look at him and feel butterflies rise up in my gut at the realization that this dude, this great and wonderful and hilarious dude, is mine, still. With each month of our marriage that passes, I love him more. I get to know him more. He gets more opportunities to surprise and amaze me and I love him more each and every day because of it. Love that didn’t feel like it could get any greater continues to grow, day by day, month by month, year by year.

4. Nicknames are my jam. Sometimes I forget what to call Andrew. I call him “Staff Sergeant Oxxx” at work, I call him Andrew around our friends, or Rabbit around other friends, but at home he’s earned a bevy of nicknames and sometimes I forget which nickname I’m currently stuck on and will just sort of stare into space as my mind flips through a catalog of nicknames, titles and given names. It’s ridiculous and confusing but he’s learned to answer to whatever random name I blurt out.


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