Halloween Spectacularness, a Golden Birthday & Some Sap.

Two things:

1. Today is Halloween, which just happens to be my most favorite holiday because it involves dressing up, acting a fool and piles of candy. Usually Andrew and I host a Halloween party, but this year we passed the Golden Torch of Halloween Celebration Throwing and let some close friends of ours host. I, however, being the queen of fabulous and delicious Halloween food creation, spent no less than 10 hours slaving away on adorable food for the party, all of which was a hit.

Oreo Mummy Pops [recipe] & Peanut Butter-Rice Crispy Eye of Newt [recipe]

2. Perhaps more importantly, at least in my household, is that today, Halloween itself,Β  is Andrew’s birthday. And it’s not just any birthday, it’s his golden birthday. He’s 31 today, a real true, bona-fide grown ass man, and a sexy one at that. I try not to get all lovey and vomitous on here, but the thing is, I’ve got a really good dude. Like, maybe the best dude ever. It’s so good that sometimes I feel guilty for having him because I have the tendency to be a royal pain in the ass, and yet, he still puts up with my shit. So, in honor of Andrew, the dude I’ve called “husband” for almost four years and who first told me he loves me over five years ago, I give you (him, really) this:

Β 31 SAP-HAPPY REASONS I LOVE MY DUDE (the “holy shit!, you’re 31” edition).


1. Because he won’t let me quit any thing he knows I can succeed at and doesn’t stand for my bitching, moaning or complaining.

2. Because he’s tall enough that I can rest my head under his chin and be cocooned in his arms in the safest and warmest embrace ever known to me.

3. Because he runs with me, even though I’m slow.

4. Because he let me rescue Bitty when she was just a two-week old handful of fluff, even though he swore for years he hated cats and would never allow one in our home.

5. Because when he cooks, he cooks delicious things.

6. Because he makes me tea and popcorn when I’m sick and whimpering on the couch.

7. Because he’s got a steel trap for a brain and remembers wonderful and completely useless bits of information.

8. Because he’s level-headed enough to balance out my insanity.

9. Because his kisses are the best kisses.

10. Because he, like the cats and dogs in our house, is a world-class snuggle-buddy.

11. Because he’s almost always up for letting me attempt my latest partially ridiculous scheme to beautify our home.

12. Because he looks damn sexy in uniform.

13. Because he gets just as involved in the drama of the Real Housewives as I do when he’s forced to watch them with me.

14. Because he likes to travel just as much as I do and never backs down from a travel suggestion.

15. Because he makes me proud each and every day.

16. Because he’s 31 and in the best shape of his life.

17. Because he’s adapted well to the mostly vegetarian diet I feed him.

18. Because the dogs and cats love him more than they love me.

19. Because he humors me when I’m being ridiculous.

20. Because we once spent 4 minutes meowing along to a song together, even though there was no meowing in the actual song.

21. Because he picked me.

22. Because he laughs at my jokes.

23. Because he makes me laugh out loud each and every day.

24. Because he supports me in all that I do it, be it flying to Vegas for blogger shenanigans, or pondering grad school.

25. Because he gives me amazing back rubs.

26. Because he’s so damn cute.

27. Because adventures are best when I get to share them with him.

28. Because he’s become quite the feminist in past few years.

29. Because he’s a goddamn genius.

30. Because I still get butterflies in my stomach when I look at him.

31.Because he’s awesome.


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15 thoughts on “Halloween Spectacularness, a Golden Birthday & Some Sap.

  1. San

    Wow, you totally outdid yourself with the food…. awesome!

    Happy birthday to your husband! And you don’t need to apologize for getting a little emotional… it’s fun to read why you adore him so much πŸ™‚

  2. Happy Halloween and an EVEN HAPPIER GOLDEN BIRTHDAY ANDREW!!! I went to call you on my lunch break but realized I don’t have your number, Mr!! We will have to change that. We must celebrate in two weeks, when I see you. Much love!

    p.s. I love your ghost pops. I didn’t know you had the artsy gene!

  3. This is so sweet and awesome and makes me all warm and fuzzy! Glad you are happy and your man is grown up. πŸ™‚

    Also, we used to host the annual Halloween party — but this year our new place couldn’t handle the overflow. I was sad. Jared’s sister did it instead.

  4. EEEEEE!!! So sweet!
    Hope you had a great Halloween/birthday day! Your treats look awesome and your list is so great!

    Andrew is the reason we now call the cats “Chitty Chats”! Ha!

  5. This made me feel all schmoopy =) And this reason:” Because he’s tall enough that I can rest my head under his chin and be cocooned in his arms in the safest and warmest embrace ever known to me”- I totally feel that way with Knight. It’s so awesome isn’t it? I love that you have this kind of love for your husband because it seems so rare and also because you’re all sorts of awesome and are so deserving of it!

    Oh, and the baked goods you made? Yeah, now I want to get in the kitchen and get some baking going.

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