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So much fun, so much build up and anticipation and excitement and planning and joyousness. That was September. I started it on a plane, heading for Chicago, had a much-needed and amazing vacation filled with people I love and who live too terribly far away, and I ended it with my head hitting the pillow with thoughts of running the Warrior Dash the next dayt. It was a great, grand, bold month that I loved filled with milestones and achievements.

September was…

Air travel. Falling in love with a city that’s not my own. Free stuff. Chicago. Beluga whales. Walking everywhere. Seeing some of my favorite people. Amazing food. Beer with my birthday. Lots of time on the water. Getting asked to be a bridesmaid for the very first time as a grown up. Crying, because really, the internet has given me so, so much in the past year. Best breakfasts ever. Snuggles in a floofy hotel bed. Pizza, and damn good pizza at that. Saying goodbye, again. Zoo animals in hiding. Comedy and the after party. Grilled cheese married to mac & cheese.

Plotting the next adventure. Back and forth. Booking trips, planning trips, hoping for trips. Cooler temperatures. Political frustrations. Working weekends. NASCAR. Remembering 9/11 after 10 long (yet short) years. Friends having babies, getting pregnant, getting married. Life changes and life choices. Moving forward. To do lists. A new era of organization.

Making exercise a priority, reaching my goal weight. Arms and abs of steel. The fastest two miles of my life, the best Army Fitness Test I’ve ever completed. Realizing I’m healthier and in better shape at 27 than I ever was at 19.

Skinny jeans. Fall weather. Cold nights. Pumpkin beer. Food festivals. Bavarian pretzels galore. Getting closer to being the me I’d like to be. Cheesy statements that actually hold some merit. An ever-growing obsession with Pinterest. Studying for exams. Sweaters. Hot chocolate. Hot tea.Dogs wanting to cuddle. Rainy days and nights.

Constant cat shenanigans. Cat thievery, cat water bowl attacks. The last baseball game of the season. Date nights. Trying new places. Holiday planning. Shopping for Andrew’s birthday at the end of this month.Trekking north, to the nation’s capitol. A 7.5 hour brunch of epic brunch proportions. Contemplating major changes and questioning my safety zone.

I found myself at the end of 2010 trying to remember what had happened. I couldn’t remember much. So I want to take the end of each month in 2011 to reflect, just a little.

So far: January | February | March | April| May | June | July | August

10 thoughts on “Bytes | September

  1. “Beer with my birthday” – I JUST FREAKED. I missed her birthday?!?! oh no! went straight to facebook, only to realize I’m a dumbass. I remember even saying, I can never forget your birthday now. wow. #fail.

  2. Sounds like you had a fun September too! I’m so proud of you on reaching your goal weight and feeling fitter than ever! That really is the best feeling! Skinny jeans are a nice perk of reaching that too. 😉
    “Grilled cheese married to mac & cheese.” — Sounds like too much cheese for one meal… unless ’tis a metaphor for something else?
    I must learn more about this Pinterest everyone keeps talking about.

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