{5 Points} Things I can get really excited about now that its officially fall (and some cute pictures of my monsters)

That’s it. Summer’s over. Gone and done.

1.Halloween. As soon as September hits, I start to get excited for Halloween. It’s one of my most favorite holidays to celebrate and there’s nothing I love more than a good costume party.

2. Leaves. My favorite time of year is that part when the leaves are just starting to fall. It’s the part when taking a walk involves lots of crunching leaves under foot, when hot tea comes back into favor as my favorite drink after a summer-long hiatus, when raking the leaves into a pile only encourages the dogs to spread the leaves around more, when snuggling up on the couch to watch a movie or catch up on all the shows inundating my DVR doesn’t sound like a bad idea. I love the leaves the most though. I love the colors, and the smell of fall that they create, the crunch they make under foot and how beautiful they are as the drift down from whatever branch they’ve spent summer clinging too.

3. The return of Fall TV. I didn’t know how much I’ve missed it until it came back.

4.Thanksgiving. I’ve already written down a working menu for this year’s Thanksgiving/Friends-giving. Last year it was so much to host a friend feast that I just have to do it again. This year? I’m thinking comfort food: Mac & Cheese. Green Beans. Cornbread. Delicious deliciousness, for sure.

5.Cardigans, Blazers and Sweaters! It used to be that my wardrobe was more summer oriented, with the bulk of my closet made up of skirts and t-shirts. At some point that changed and I’ve been collected long-sleeved beauties all summer long just waiting for temperatures to drop. I’ve been waiting to wear my fall clothes for what feels like forever and I’m so, so glad to be able to pull out so many of my favorite wardrobe pieces.

In the comments of last week’s 5 Points several of you asked for updated photos of our critters, so here they are, along with a little update on the critters as well:

Sadie’s most favorite thing is socks. She steals them from our bedroom, and even from the clean laundry basket, uses her paw to stuff them in her mouth, and then carries them around with her. She loves them so much and doesn’t chew them up so we usually just let her have the socks. She makes the saddest face ever on laundry day when we wander around and collect all her socks. We wonder if she thinks they’re her puppies, or if she’s herding the socks in some weird way. Probably she’s just neurotic.

Luke has started sleeping in the bed. This is a new thing. When we first got him, last May, we had to beg him to get on the bed and snuggle with us. Now, he hops into bed as soon as we do. He’s a much better bed dog than Sadie. Sadie will sleep on us, Luke happily sleeps at our feet. He continues to be one of the sweetest dogs I’ve ever had the pleasure of knowing. He’s good with the cats, and even plays with them sometimes.


Don’t let that cute little cat face fool you. She’ll eat you. She’s mastered the hug and bite, that thing cats do where they wrap their arms around your hand and then sink their sharp little cat teeth into you. She’s gotten really good at attacking her BrotherCat, Nic, and continues to excell in the curtain-climbing arena. I’m constantly amazed at how big she’s gotten. It seems like not that long ago that she was just a little tiny thing. Andrew is her favorite, hands down, but she’ll still snuggle me on occasion, just so I don’t put her in the trash can and leave her there.


Nic is champion bug hunter. He can snatch flies out of the air and then eats them, whole. He’s terrified of almost everything and usually runs away when I try to get close to him. Other times, he just lays there and lets me put him. He’s a weird cat, for sure. At night he’ll hop in the bed and then kneed at my leg, while also rooting around for what I can only guess would be his mother cat. I’m wondering if the tiger stripe blanket in our bedroom is confusing him.

What are you looking forward to now that’s it’s officially fall?

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12 thoughts on “{5 Points} Things I can get really excited about now that its officially fall (and some cute pictures of my monsters)

  1. Okay seriously – our cats are like the same. Louie is a champion hug and biter, and I’m getting dangerously close to biting back. Lola is totally skittish except when she wants affection and then YOU BETTER GIVE IT TO HER RIGHT NOW. She kneads at me in bed and once you start petting her, she has these weird spasms and falls over a lot – like it’s too much pleasure for her to handle and she just blacks out and collapses. So bizarre.

    Oh, and I don’t have dogs but our dog growing up would steal all the dish towels from the kitchen, sort of like the sock thing. She never chewed them or anything, just laid down with them as if they were comforting to her. I never really thought about it because she always did it, but I guess it’s pretty fucking weird.

    I love reading about your aminals. YES AMINALS I SAID IT ON PURPOSE.

  2. Love, love, love this post. Also, I love that your have four extremely photogenic furbabies, and that they match each other.

    Mac & Cheese on Thanksgiving?? LOVE that idea!

  3. i seriously can’t wait to rock scarves again on a daily basis, i’m so obsessed with them. and it’s a little weird seeing as to how i live in california, but whatever. also, sweaters. love them.

  4. Ash

    Ah, Terra, you’ve asked my most favorite question of all time. What am I looking forward to now that it’s Fall?
    Pulling on my favorite Earth boots and walking through ankle high piles of leaves of every shade of yellow, gold, rust, orange, and red imaginable, as they crunch underfoot.
    Examining individual leaves and picking out the ones that are the most beautiful ones I’ve found that day.
    The crystal clear blue sky with the trees silhouetted against it, all their glorious colors outlined in light, glowing with the sun.
    The crisp note in the air – it is not just the coolness, but also that scent, the scent that is Fall. Utterly. Intoxicating.
    Standing outside on a cool night, wrapped in my fleecy-soft coat, watching Orion the Hunter rise into the sparklingly clear night.
    Samhain. Feeling the energy rising & the doors opening…
    I. Love. Fall.

  5. I’m excited for Halloween, too! I’ve already made plans and decided on a costume.

    Mac & cheese is a great idea for a Thanksgiving dish. It’s delicious, and it’s a winter dish, so why not? 🙂

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