{5 Points} Things I call the things that Live in my house.

I have something of a nicknaming addiction. No one, not the husband or the dogs or the cats, gets called by his or her actual, given name.

1. Ruby. Rubbitz. Bear. Buddy. Bazz. Snap. These, and at least ten other random nicknames, are things I call Andrew. In fact, it’s so rare that I actually call him by his given name that sometimes, in public when I don’t want to call him by some weird pet name, I’ll have to stop and think about what his name actually is. I also blame this on the Army since I call him by his last name in work situations, thus the only time I really ever call him Andrew is when we’re out and about and he’s far enough away from me that I don’t want to shout “BEAR” or “BUDDY” or “SNAP-DAP” in the middle of Target. Andrew doesn’t seem to mind this random assortment of nicknames. In fact, he’ll pretty much answer to any random thing I decide to call him.

2. Sadie, HuskyMutt the First, has almost always been Goose. And sometimes Bug, but mostly Goose. It started when she started shedding her tail fur, which is mostly made up of five inch long, white strands of fur. We named them her goose feathers and from there she became Goose. Before we got Luke we just called her Dog and she seemed perfectly content to answer to that. She’s a stubborn little beast and usually doesn’t come when called anyway, even though she looks up as and acknowleges we’re calling her. She doesn’t care. She’s like a honey badger and does not give a shit.

3. Poor Luke. Luke is the second part of our HuskyMutt pair. He is the most nicknameless in the house. We call him Luck or Lucky sometimes, but not really for any good reason other than that Luke sounds a little like Luck.

4. Kyra, the little cat we rescued when she was just two weeks old, is Bitty. Or Bit-Bit. That’s what we called her when she was itty bitty and it just stuck. Kyra is a nice name and all, and it suits her, but to us, she’s Bitty.

5. Then, there’s Nic, the second cat who we got so Bitty would stop trying to kill us, who was called Nic for about a day and then, because he reminded me of a little black toy poodle who belonged to a ex’s family, we started calling him Xi-Xi, pronounced like Juh-Juh. Andrew says we have to spell it like Xi-Xi, cause it’s fancy that way. I just wish that damn cat would stop stealing my earrings and using me as a spring board while I’m attempting to sleep in.

So – what about you? Do you have a nickname? Do you give nicknames? Or are you perfectly logical and good at calling people and pets by the names they were actually given?

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17 thoughts on “{5 Points} Things I call the things that Live in my house.

  1. As you know, I’m a big fan of nicknaming everything. Billy is Billy-Bob, Mr. Tiiiiiiiiibbs, Tibby, and even Mister. Demon is Buddy, D, D-Dawg, Furbrains, Fur Son. Madison is Maddy, Big Momma, Maddy-cat and Munchkin. Cookie had about 100 nicknames. It makes life so much more fun!

  2. SAME. I’ve never called Scott by his name, even from the day we met, he’s been Scotty V Squared, SVV, Spunky Brewster, insert a bevy of ridiculous, nonsensical names. Ditto to the pup, who goes by Baby Sasquatch, Wookie, Ewok and just The Puppy and rarely answers to Ella.

    (I get it honestly from my Granddad, who has been calling people by anything but their names since 1921.)

  3. I don’t have any names for John other than babe, but we have all sorts of names for the cats, but nothing original. Milo is Mimo, Mo-mo, or Meems. Marley is Mar-mar, little man, or Mr. man. Nala is Na-na or girly. So original!

    PS – I think its time for updated pictures of all your furbabies 🙂

  4. Reading this post made me realize that I am, indeed, a nickname person. I’ve nicknamed my boyfriend, family members, and close friends. For example, my boyfriend’s nickname is “Baby Bird.” (It’s kind of a long story.)

  5. You may or may not be pleased to know that I now call EVERY husky in the shelter HuskyMutt. Yeah. I hose out their kennels and they make that husky noise, and I stand there and sing it back saying “Whatcha doin’ HuskyMutt!”

    Wally is Wallypup. He’s been Wallypup since he was a pup. Even though he’s six now, he’s still Pup. Sometimes he’s PupPup.
    Charlie is Charlie Buckets, or Charlie Brown. Sometimes just Buckets. Although Dad calls him Dumbass.
    Sam is just Sam. He’s fifteen. He deaf now and doesn’t hear our awesome nick-names anymore.

    And I agree! More animal photos!!!

  6. My dog’s name is Louis.. pronounced the French way, Loo-ee. I alternate between calling him lulu, lewis, pooey, and screwy. Screwy Louis, because of his issues 🙂

  7. I have no nicknames for Nathan, & he doesn’t have any for me – but I call our cat everything under the sun. His real name is Stringer Bell, but I call him Little Man, Sir, Buddy, Buds, Buppy, Punkin… I usually have no idea what his name is.

  8. Sounds like you have a full house! Haha… I have no idea how you can keep all those names straight!

    Mostly I have nicknames for my dogs (Ceader is Cease, or Ceasamonster and Ginger is Ging or Fatso). My BF calls me a couple nouns that are more affectionate than identifying and I can’t help but feel like I should have one for him, but I like his real name just fine.

  9. San

    Oh, can I borrow one of your nicknames for your husband? I lack in this department. I call my husband by his real name (Jon) or sweetie, but that’s a bout it. I don’t have any other nicknames for him, but I want one so badly 🙂

  10. P and I mostly just use the normal, barf-worthy, lovey-dovey nicknames for each other (“babe” and “baby” being at the top of the list). But our dogs have nicknames… especially Callie (which is actually a nickname in itself, short for Caliber). They’re all based on her name though… Callamander, Manders, Mander-Pants. We call Velvet “Velveeta” sometimes, and joke that we need (NO WE DON’T) two other corgis to name “Shells” and “Cheese.”

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