And then we got another one.

Just days after writing this post about how KyraCat is an asshole, we got another cat. It wasn’t a planned thing. It was a thought I’d had. I’d always wanted to catch Kyra’s brothers and sisters and give at least one them a home so she could have a friend to play with and someone to unite with against the dogs, but with her brothers and sisters and mother cat being MIA, I let go of that hope.

Then, a week after Kyra got spayed, we took her back to the vet because she had some swelling around her incision that we wanted to get checked out, just in case. When it comes to that baby cat, we’d rather be safe than sorry, especially given all the love we’ve poured into her upbringing.

Kyra was cool and collected at the vet’s until the vet came into the room and wanted to touch her. Then Kyra turned nasty, hissing and fussing and bitching and moaning and scratching and biting. It was a little hilarious, because angry cat noises are ridiculous, but it was also frustrating because we were getting really tired of the whole “I’m an asshole, you fuckers better watch out” routine Kyra had become so addicted to in recent weeks.

So the vet tells us that she might really benefit from having another cat in the house, that bottle-fed kitties raised on their own are often little assholes, but that adding another cat to the home might help mitigate some of her attitude problem. We told her we’d thought about getting another cat, but weren’t really sure and then she told us that they had kittens there and that we were welcome to take a look. I said I wasn’t sure, looked at Andrew who seemed, surprisingly, on board with the whole thing and finally relented to just look at the kittens.

I’m not sure what I was expecting when they said they would show us some kittens, but it most definitely wasn’t the room of kittens they showed us. I mean, an entire ROOM OF KITTENS! I’d always dreamed about a room full of kittens and there, right in front of me, it was. It was like stumbling upon lost treasure, that kitten room.

Once we were in the kitten room, we knew we’d be taking home a kitten. There was no way we could leave the room without one. We snuggled and cooed over about 15 of the kittens, marveling at how cute the little gray one was, and how similar a little orange kitty looked to Kyra and one of the vet techs was kind enough to give us  the run down on all the little kitties and their personalities and their back stories and we all came to the conclusion that we should probably get a boy kitty since girl cats usually get along better with boy cats and since Kyra hadn’t even seen a cat, ever, really, since her eyes were only barely open when we found her and even then they didn’t have the ability to focus on anything, and we wanted the experience of a new cat to be as un-traumatizing as possible for Kyra.

And then the vet said the little black kitties are the hardest to adopt out and we knew that the little black boy kitty bouncing around the room was the one, because clearly, we had to adopt him and SAVE HIM from spending his whole kitty lie in the kitten room being all sad and not getting adopted because people are stupid and think black kitties are bad luck or plain or what the fuck ever.

So now, we have Nicodemus, who we call Nic or Nicky.

When we first brought him home, Kyra was pissed. She didn’t know what he was and wanted nothing to do with him. She’d hiss if he so much as looked at her. I was worried. Scared they’d hate each other forever, but a week later, they’re in love.

They snuggle on the couch together, chase each other around the house and generally don’t like to be away from each other.

And now we’re a two cat, two dog, two people sort of family. It’s madness, sure, but I can’t imagine my life without all of these little critters.

Welcome to the family, Nic!

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22 thoughts on “And then we got another one.

    1. Kyra has been a little angel since we brought Nic home. Sure, they chase each other around the house like crazed lunatics, but she doesn’t come up to us just to bite anymore, so that’s a nice improvement.

  1. Jenn

    You’re the best kitty mom ever! I wanna be your kitty? No. Wait. Ew. Sorry. But yay for new kitties! I just got my little nugget adopted the other day and apparently it’s kitten season so good for you and your vet 🙂

    But just FYI – two kitties are better than one until they turn on you with coordinated forces. Usually at inconvenient times like 30 minutes before your alarm goes off. LET ME SLEEP ASSHOLES!

    1. Yes, yes, this kitties and coordinated forces thing is something I’m learning about. It’s always in the night, or when I’m trying to read a book and suddenly, out of nowhere, two balls of fur leap from somewhere onto my book, then onto my head, then disappear again. It’s scary shit, for real.

  2. Crissy

    Hey there girlie!

    I just wanted to tell you that I have read your blog since you told me about it on the cruise and I have to say – I love it. I have laughed and cried and done both in the process of reading it! Thank you for sharing so much of your life. I enjoy everytime I log into my google reader and there is a new post for you.

    I really related to – why is the cat an a-hole. Since my female cat is equally as moody. Maybe its time I rock her world! 🙂

    I hope everything is going well with you guys!

    – Crissy (from Philadelphia, or Carnival Cruise, etc.)

    1. Your comment made me smile so much! I had no idea you’ve been reading my blog since the cruise, but I feel mighty honored that I’m included in your google reader!

      I hope all is well and I promise that if we ever make it to Philly (which we should since it’s not that far away AT ALL), we’ll look you up!

  3. Liz

    You’re going to have an entire zoo in your house by the time I make it back down there! I’m so excited to meet the new members of the family (especially now that I don’t have to worry about my feet being demolished). 😀 I’m also glad that you got a black cat. People are dumb.


    They do say that it’s better to get two cats. I only got one because that’s all I could afford but she seems to do okay. She’ll have a shit fit if I ever bring one home NOW, though. Heh.

  5. ahahah kittie awesomes.
    I’d love to get a little friend for Charlie. I always said that my cats would be rescue cats. But I think I have to wait a little while longer for that, yet.
    I love them. I’m glad they’re getting along 🙂

  6. Oh my gosh! He is so handsome. I love black kittys – I had (my mom still has them) two tuxedo kitties growing up, and my grandma always had all-black cats. I adore his name. I think it’s great that a.) you rescued him and b.) you got someone near Kyra’s age because I think it helps them adapt better. Our first three were all within a year/year and a half of each other when we got them and I truly believe it’s a huge part of why they get along so great. The fourth, on the other hand, was 6 when we took him in and he has NOT adapted well to living with other kitties. So much so that we have to find him another home because he has taken to beating up on our youngest kitty.

    Anyway, rant aside, I do think having more than one kitty will help Kyra learn to be a nicer kitty. And that picture of them cuddled up together? So precious! Oh, and one question – how’s the fur situation in your house? With four fur babies, we have tumbleweed clumps of fur blowing through our whole house. We cannot keep up with the summer shedding!

    1. We have two furry husky mixes so the fur was already pretty out of control. I don’t really much more fur from the cats, although I’m sure it’s there. We’ve got to vacuum and sweep every other day at the minimum or the fur tumbleweeds start to take over. And even then, about three minutes after we vacuum, our white dog goes immediately to the rug to scratch and drops another pound of fur on the floor. It’s a never ending battle, for sure.

  7. Oh, they are adorable. I’m glad you got Kyra a playmate and that they get along so well! And I cannot believe black kitties are harder to find homes for, that is so sad. 🙁 Nic is so sweet!

  8. H to the Izzo

    Oh, I’m so glad they get along now. I was really worried after that first day! I want to come snuggle kittehs!

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