About #BiSC & all of the love.

When I started this blog, in the Before Times, I wanted to write about my adventures and experiences while deployed to Kosovo. That was my intent, to keep everyone back home informed and to record an experience I knew would be life changing. But then, I found 20sb and Rachel and Nicole and this amazing world of  young, smart and beautiful women opened up in front of me and I found myself not feeling quite so alone. I fell in love with the stories of other women finding love, finishing school and searching for themselves. All those stories made me anxious to get back to life, to get back home and start adventuring through my 20s.

I never expected blogging to give me so much. In the past few years since I came back home and resettled myself in Richmond, Virginia, I’ve met a few bloggers and twitter peeps. I’ve attended a lovely ladies lunch and have marveled at the way several of the relationships I’ve made online have transformed into real, powerful friendships.

I’ve wanted to go to Bloggers in Sin City since the first year. It seemed like this great beacon of insanity and adventure and after Stacey came back from last year’s event raving, I knew this year was the year. No excuses, I was going to Vegas for the third annual event come hell or high water and even then, I’d grab a fire extinguisher and fight my way through or learn to fucking swim.

So I went. I’ve tried and failed repeatedly to recap, opting first to attempt a sort of play-by-play of the weekend, but it didn’t capture how it all felt. It fell far short of explaining what it feels like to arrive, knowing only one person, to an event with nearly 60 bloggers who I know only through their words, tweets and the occasional email.

In short, it was epic. It was life-changing, eye-opening and as I boarded a plane early Monday morning, fresh from the jolt of meeting so many new people on Thursday, from actually getting to know people on Friday and Saturday and from the high of Sunday’s random and hilarious shenanigans I felt like I was leaving Las Vegas with a whole army of bloggers in my corner. I left feeling like, no matter what, there was someone I could reach out too, that no matter what, I had a cheering section, that I wasn’t alone, that the big group of girlfriends I’ve been craving in my life had actually been there all along (along with some pretty cool guys, too), just waiting for me to reach out for them.

I didn’t know what to expect going in. I didn’t know how I would feel when faced with a literal herd of bloggers and to be honest I was so scared I’d clam up upon arrival, or make a poor impression, or get overwhelmed by the grandness of flying to Vegas to meet so many strangers. I was afraid there would be too many cliques, that everyone would have already tied themselves into groups, but what I got was a completely different experience. What I got was the friendliest, most amazing group of people I have every encountered.

I didn’t expect to come away with so much. I expected to meet people, sure, to get to know people a little better, but I didn’t expect to trade secrets, I didn’t expect to meet people and instantly feel like I’ve know them forever and a day, to feel like they’ve seen my heart and get me in ways so many others don’t.

Something sad happened Friday night, and while it’s not my story to tell, I can say the experience, the being there for a blogger turned dear friend, also made me hyper-aware of how real the friendships are. The relationships I’ve built are genuine, actual. They’re not for show, they’re legitimate, honest friendships that cause me to hurt when a friend hurts, to laugh when a friend laughs.

As it turns out, the internets are real.


& a massive THANK YOU to all of our amazing sponsors: the beautiful Flamingo Hotel & Casino, Shatterboxx, Absinthe, Babeland, Hair Flairs, Sprayology (which absolutely did clear a fogging, hangover headache), SKYY Vodka, Think Geek (who gave us the cutest panties!), Bitter Baking Company (the cookies – SO GOOD!), Davide Saxe Production, BuildASign.com, Vita CoCo, Swiss Maid Fudge (it basically tasted like heaven), nuNAAT (made my hair super silky smooth for the Black, White & Gold party), USA Pears, Sir Richard’s Condom Company, Pop Chips (they are basically the best chip in the entire world and I really need to go and gather a few bushels of them to satisfy my cravings), twisted sista, & Pink Kisses.

& to Nicole, for making this amazing and life changing thing happen.

41 thoughts on “About #BiSC & all of the love.

      1. I don’t think I formally introduced myself either 🙁 But, I do remember hanging out with you by the pool on Saturday. Hopefully we’ll get a chance to get to know each other a bit better on the “Reunion Tour” ! 🙂

        This is a great re-cap and I’m glad that the internet allowed for our paths to cross! xoxoxox

  1. I love this, and I love you, and I want you to move to Chicago (or at least visit asap). And the Internets are real. (so are The Google and The Youtube).

    1. I will totally come visit. It’s on our list of places to go and after Vegas I’m seriously thinking about coming for the 20sb summit…

  2. Thanks for the mention. I’m so glad you enjoyed our treats.

    I’m loving reading these recaps! Gives me all sorts of fuzzies to read about the relationships that were built! “The internets are real” – my favorite sentence!

    1. Thank you so much for reading – your products are amazing and, since my husband missed the goodness by staying home, I’m going to have to get some fudge just to show him what he missed 🙂

  3. I love that I heard of your blog when you signed up for BiSC, and then from reading it, I knew I really wanted to meet you. 🙂 And now that we’ve met, I can go back to reading KNOWING where these words come from.

    1. Same. I started reading you when I signed up for #BiSC and I’m so glad that I got to meet you and can hear your voice when I read your blog. I’m so glad to actual know you and can’t wait to see you next year (or sooner!).

  4. Bob

    I know I already told you that I couldn’t wait to meet you after reading your blog, but now that I have… you’re just absolutely the coolest. From the haunting deployment photos you shared with us at Happy Hour to introducing us to the most ridiculous and easy-to-get-stuck-in-my-head song at In-n-Out, I’m so glad we met, and I can’t wait for next year’s shenanigans.

  5. This is so much like the things running through my head the entire time. You nailed it exactly.

    I’m so excited I got to meet you. I wish I could have spent more time with you – maybe next year?!

  6. Man, how I love it when I see a blogger “get it” — that the friendships made here on the internet, while different than the ones you can make tangibly, are still very real.

    By the way, thanks for taking care of the cardboard head cutouts. 🙂

    1. I absolutely did get it this year – all the other years I rolled my eyes at all the blogger love, but this year, I get it. I’m so glad I went.

      And if you need a big purse to store some heads in next year, I’ve got you covered!

  7. seriously so much love for this post and for you and just yes. so glad we got to hang out so much and it was wonderful getting to know you better and ah! can we do it again soon? also, love the rawr picture. i feel like pretty much sums up the whole weekend, haha.

    1. I’m so glad I got to know you and Matt a little bit – you are amazing and I adore you. And yes, can we do this whole thing again soon? I need bloggers in my life more often!!

  8. I’M SO GLAD YOU CAME! You’re my favorite now – and we’ll all just have to live with the consequences. Now, I need to go back and actually finish reading your post. 🙂

    1. Yay! I’m totally cool with being a favorite! I’m actually really good at it. I’m a life-long teacher’s pet so being the favorite comes naturally.

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  10. yes! we are real! and we adore you! 🙂 seriously, i’m incredibly grateful to have gotten a chance to chat with you a few times. if you’re ever in asheville, or charlotte, even, let me know. 🙂 cocktails! <3

  11. How fitting that this is the post I find today~LOL! YES! Blogdom is so very REAL, and it is a BLESSING! With my crazy self I never found anyone to relate to IRL, but then online I found a lot of people with my crazy mix of beliefs and felt sooo much less like a freak. They have poured into my life in very real and tangible ways, and my life is richer for it!

    Anyway, that’s not why I’m visiting you today. I’m on this crazy journey of change and acceptance and etc., you came to mind, and I had to come to thank you for telling me I was a strong woman when I didn’t believe I was. *THANK YOU!* That’s it… (((((HUGS))))) sandi

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