More of Kitty, who has a name now, and some other stuff too.

So, about Kitty. She turned three weeks old yesterday. She is growing at an astounding rate and every day I watch her hit another developmental milestone. Her ears are starting to stand up more, she can almost lift her fat belly off the ground to walk and just last night I saw her scratch her ear with her back leg for the first time. Her eyes are starting to look more like eyes and less like creepy black orbs and she’s finally starting to get teeth.

We have tentatively named her Kyra because it’s vaguely Irish and she’s a ginger sort of cat and because the meanings fit her little cat personality.

Her latest trick is chewing on her bottle after she’s full. We shot a video of it last night on my trusty iPhone and while it’s not the best quality, I think you get the point.

Gratuitous kitty photos:

Oh, and itty bitty kitty playtime? Yeah. Basically the cutest thing ever.

In other, non-kitty related news, last weekend Andrew and I went to an Army-sponsored marriage retreat in Charlottesville, Va. We really didn’t know what to expect and where afraid it was going to be all hand holding and looking deep into each other eyes and reaffirming our love, but the first day was actually pretty hilarious. The presentation focused on how men and women just simply think differently and how learning to speak each other’s language can make for a healthier and happier marriage.

That night was prom and, lucky for us, prom was held at our hotel. We couldn’t get close enough to snap any decent photos but trust when I say there were a couple dozen train wrecks. Also, those bitches stole all the “Do Not Disturb” door tags on the entire 8th floor.  NOT FUNNY WHEN YOU HAVE AN ILLEGAL KITTY IN YOUR ROOM!

Day two of the retreat was all about the sex.They told us pre-marital sex ruins men and women for marriage. They said women are “stupid” if they give it up before the wedding night and that men who engage in pre-marital sex are imprinted with those experiences and will be unable to enjoy sex as a married man.And then they said masturbation RUINS marriages and that men who masturbate will become unable to enjoy sex with their wives and that no one, in the history of the world, has ever orgasmed from self-love.

It was…odd. I just didn’t see it coming. I knew there would be sex talk, but the last thing I expected was an hour-long tirade against pre-marital sex and masturbation and I left feeling more pissed off than relaxed. Oh well. At least it was a free weekend away.

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16 thoughts on “More of Kitty, who has a name now, and some other stuff too.

  1. Liz

    NEW KITTEH!!!!! She’s adorable! 😀

    Boo weird, oddly Victorian sex talk. Don’t they have to warn you about a talk like that since it’s all opinion? Did they try and pass it off as elusive, magical science?

    I’ve heard about that “science” you know. Nothin’ but trouble.

  2. Dude. That retreat sounds like crud. And if it was for married couples, why bother talking about premarital sex?! Weirdddd. Also, I LOVE the first kitten video, what with the flailing paws & the piratey eye. Kitty’s pretty feisty.

  3. Yay! Thanks for the kitty update!
    That retreat sounds like the worst thing ever! I would’ve been soooo pissed.
    Oh, and if she starts getting frustrated with the bottle, freaking out on it, cut the hole a little bit bigger. She may not be getting as much as she wants. Worked for Ringo!

    Yay Kyra the ginger kitteh!!!!!

  4. Awww, I love her name! She’s adorable, and that video of you feeding her is just about the cutest thing ever! And it’s obvious you do have a maternal streak in you – even if it’s just for itty bitty kitties! 😉

    I thoroughly enjoyed your tweets throughout the marriage retreat. I kind of wanted to ask if it was sponsored by a crazy church – certainly seems like it!

  5. KT

    Adorable! Are you having to uh, “massage” her anal glands? My cousin by marriage found a kitten in her wall (long story) and had to do that for her because I guess it is something that the mother usually does?

    Sorry the marriage retreat was weird- the Army clearly should have checked to see what kind of information the contractor was going to discuss.

  6. Oh, Terra! She is just precious! I think it’s awesome that you are taking care of her. I bet it’s a ton of work – our first kitten was very young when we got him and needed to be bottle fed but he was definitely a few weeks older than Kyra is so he was more independent. I seriously could watch her all day!

  7. Kitty is almost too cute to be real. Ah, I want one!

    Also, that retreat sounds very strange. My bff just went to a Catholic pre-marital retreat they were required to do to get married in the church, and it was very similar.

  8. San

    I need a baby kitty!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! (says the girl that is about to move into yet another apartment where no pets are allowed *sigh*)

    This sex talk … would have pissed me off, too.

  9. That is the cutest kitty EVER!!! Thanks for sharing the adorable!

    And I was pissed off after our marriage retreat too, especially when they said sex was fine as long as you don’t use protection, and that once you’re married, men and women can no longer have friends of the opposite sex…

  10. Adorable Kitty. So adorable.

    The retreat sounded cool until the sex thing. So are they basically saying that all marriages are pretty much doomed to fail or we are going to be cheated on? Cause that’s just disheartening and not exactly marriage strengthening or hopeful, is it? Sigh.

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