Multi-tasked the eff out.

I keep coming back here and trying to write something that is not all GAH! SCHOOL!! WORK!! AIDNNIOGHIOSHAIOF!!! KITTY!! but really, each time I plop my ass in front an empty page, all I can think about is all the other shit I should be doing. And about how I have totally and completely lost the ability to just do ONE THING. It’s like my mind cannot handle the focus that comes from doing one thing at a time and I constantly need to flip between thing one and thing two and thing three and thing eleventyseven in order to feel useful, but really I don’t end up getting shit accomplished because I lack FOCUS.

So yeah. There’s that.

And it’s not even that I’m stressed, really. I can handle it. I know I can. Last week I wrote three different papers for school, worked a full week, and took care of an itty bitty kitty. I’ve got this, yo. Really. I do. It’s just that once I get to the bottom of this week’s list of stuff to get done, another week starts and there’s a whole other list of papers and work commitments and just STUFF that needs to get done and, given the way April has been going, it’s all just started to feel never ending.

So then today I was all like, I need a trip to plan! And yes, Vegas and #BiSC is right around the corner but that shit is planned and yes, I’m probably going on a road trip adventure this summer but planning that won’t involve airfare and will be a pretty low-key endeavor and right now all I want to do is plan a GREAT ESCAPE to someplace far away with sun, or exotic sights and people who speak a language I can’t understand and food that makes me drool just thinking about it.

So there’s that too.

Basically what I’m saying is that I need a way to BALANCE my life and a way to FOCUS on one thing at one time. I’m not sure when it got so bad, when it got to the point where I’ve got two papers, video editing software, a power point presentation and 13 Firefox tabs open, but here I am. Busy. Bombarding myself with way too much all at once to the point that I can’t focus in on one single thing. It’s all fucking forest and I can’t make out a single tree in this mess.

How do you focus and bring balance into your life? What’s worked for you, and, maybe more importantly, what hasn’t worked for you?

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5 thoughts on “Multi-tasked the eff out.

  1. I suck at balance. I’ve always been one of those “pulled in every direction” kind of people – added to the fact that I get bored rather easily, I don’t really have any constructive advice for you! I am however very jealous of your little kitty (more photos please!!) and your BisC trip. Damn residency procedures taking so long… 🙁

  2. I tend to want to play more than work, so the balance is a bit off in that department. I think those monthly reviews of how your month went are a good way to see where you are and what you want to do. I’m not one for creating lists of goals, but I do keep a planner that I check up on daily. 🙂 Hopefully it keeps me in line.

  3. I always have so much work to do… work for work (lesson planning and marking assignments) and then my college course in the evenings… when I get home I tend to just veg out! And then panic all weekend when I haven’t done anything.

    I like to make a list of things I have to do, and make it a mix of work/home/fun stuff. It puts my mind at ease to be able to see it all (although it can be a bit daunting) and then I don’t have to think as much so I can focus more on one thing!!

  4. I turn off the internet until I’ve completed a task, then reward myself with some online downtime.
    Oh, and I NEVER complete everything on my to-do list like I want. Don’t be so hard on yourself. Prioritize stuff that MUST be done and get that over with first.

    I want more kitty pics!

  5. Hey, when are you going to Vegas??? I haven’t had time to read your blog (or any blog) as regularly as I should.

    Rob and I are flying there for a week on 16 May!

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