The Cat Chronicles Part II: A Family Addition.

When Andrew took the dogs out on Tuesday night he heard a kitty meowing. I asked what kind of meowing it was and he said “loud.” We went to sleep, not thinking too much 0f it.

That night I had dreams about kittens running around in our yard, chasing each other through dandelions. I also had a dream that my house was the Jersey Shore house and in that dream I told a lovely drunk Guidette about to take out the trash that “She was going to fall in a hole and get eaten by a bear.” Not sure what that was about.

The next morning, yesterday morning, I let the dogs out and went to the fence to peer through the peep hole and check on the kitties. What I found was one kitty, all by itself, meowing. It wouldn’t stop crying. Andrew got the ladder, we looked over the fence and couldn’t find any more kitties. We looked. We worried. The sound of kitty crying broke my heart into little bitty pieces. We waited for momma cat to come back. But she didn’t. I googled how to take care of a two-week old kitty and I emailed work to tell them we had an itty bitty kitty emergency and that we would likely be bringing a kitty to work with us.

We’re pretty sure momma cat moved the litter to get away from the dogs. She had four other little kitties and maybe five was just too much. Maybe this little kitty was too little. Maybe four was enough and five was too many. Who knows. We don’t know where she went, but we’re hopeful we can find her and the rest of the kitties. We’d love to see them get off the street and into homes.

To get to kitty, we broke off a bottom piece of our fence. We took kitty inside and warmed up and took her loud and pleading meows as a sign of strength.

Before heading to work, we stopped at PetSmart to get supplies and were finally able to feed kitty once we got to our office.

After some whines and grumbles, kitty finally figured out the bottle and ate like a champ. Since yesterday morning, kitty has only gotten better at accepting the bottle and is quite the little piglet.

Last night kitty slept in a box on my nightstand and I woke up every hour or two convinced kitty had died only to find her curled up and sleeping.

This morning we took kitty went to her first vet visit where we discovered she is a baby girl cat and that we’re doing everything right. We also got a cat trap and hope to round up a few of the stray neighborhood kitties and get them spayed or neutered.

Kitty is epically adorable. She purrs when she’s warm and has food in her belly. She’s starting to play, just a little and spent some time to day on her back playing with her paws. She likes to suck her little thumb claw sometimes. She hates to be picked up and will fuss and meow as loud as you can until all four of her paws are on the ground. Both her ears have little white tips. She is mostly white with splotches of orange and she is just so damn cute that sometimes I spend five whole minutes just watching her sleep.

Kitty doesn’t have a name yet. Right now, we mostly just call her Kitty.  And sometimes, Chairman of the Itty Bitty Kitty Comitty.

Any suggestions?

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  1. Ash

    Oh my gosh, T.! You have a tiny baby! What a totally sweet & adorable little thing she is! She’s so lucky you found her in time, and also lucky she got to have mama milk the first couple weeks – colostrum to give her antibodies. I can’t believe how meltingly cute she is!
    But what about Luke & Sadie, what do they think about her? Maybe it’s good she’s so tiny – mike spark maternal instincts, since the whole pack takes care of the cubs in wolf life.
    Hopes & blessings all around that she does well!
    “Hope” could be her name…

  2. And this is just another reason that I like you and Andrew so much! I’m so glad you guys were willing to take the time and resources available to you to grab this wee little babe and get her taken care of! She’s adorable.

  3. Zomg! That is the cutest kitty ever! You probably don’t want any suggestions from me, I tend to name cats after food. I named my boyfriends cats Reeses’ and Peanut Butter Cup. I was hungry at the time…

  4. OH. MY. GOD. I am usually not a fan of cats (I’m allergic), but THAT cat is one of the most precious things I’ve ever seen. Oh, and I love the name you made up for it. 🙂

  5. Oh myyyy gosh! Could she BE any more adorable!? I am so glad you rescued her…stories like this one make me choke up and realize that there are good people in this world who care about animals. I hope you can find the others! And if I lived near Richmond I would definitely take one…or four 😉

    I always wanted a little girl kitty named Molly. I think it’s the cutest name ever.

  6. Awww poor little kitteh. She’s so precious!

    Also, I totally named my cat Kitty. I tried really hard to come up with a name, I swear I did! But nothing fit her and now three years later it’s still Kitty and she responds to it and even comes when she’s called. Yeah. She’s an attention whore.

  7. thekitty story is are amazing. My greenhouse kitty is named Kitty Bob aka Squeaky Bob the Man Cat.. I have another kitty (she’s our feral kitty) named Mama Kitty. and then we have a home kitty named Jedi.

  8. OMG, Howwww adorable! Too adorable for words, actually.

    But it’s amazing that you’re doing this. Most people would just call an animal shelter or w/e or just leave the poor thing there. Kudos to you for taking her in, going to the vet, and doing everything possible to help the little one out 🙂

    Are you planning on keeping her?

    Good luck! Keep us posted 🙂

  9. I love little ginger ninja kittens. I had a whole ROOM full of them at work today. It pretty much killed me. You’re going to have such fun with her as she grows up! Prepare for itty bitty kitty scratches!!! Charlie still does it. Only he’s all grown now. It’s not as cute when they’re bigger….

    I love city names for animals. We’ve had kitties named things like Boston. We had a greyhound named Aspen not long ago… I also like Literature type names. Like Gatsby. ADORABLE.

  10. Awwww!! That’s the age I got my kitty, Micky, at–little stinker. A “good sam” brought him in to the shelter I worked at. Our policy was to euthanize them when they came in that young (they take a lot of work to keep alive, as you know). I kept him on my desk for the afternoon and at close I told our vet, “I’m taking him home. If he’s still alive in the morning, I’ll bring him back with me and we can talk about him then.” Needless to say, after nursing the wee thing for a night, he had a safe future when I took him back in to work with me.

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