A Spring List.

Spring has always been my favorite season. I’m not sure it it’s due to my March birthday or if it’s the flowers and the sun and reemergence of life. Either way, this time of year – right now, today and tomorrow and all the days until the heat begins to swelter – are my favorite parts of theΒ  year. This is the time when it’s still nice to be outside, when sweat doesn’t start forming on my brow if I so much as step into the front yard. These days, with soft winds that blow flower petals from my neighbor’s apple trees into my yard, with sun that shines, but doesn’t hurt, with birds and butterflies and bees and longer nights, are my most favorite days of the year.

Inevitably Spring always stirs up my desire to do: Accomplish, Achieve & Complete seem to be the words I live by each and every spring. There are summer house guests to think about, yard projects I’ve been dreaming up all winter long, herbs to plant, kitties (FIVE BABY KITTIES!!!) to spy on. There’s non-root vegetable recipes to cook up, bread to bake, vacations to plan, adventures to embark on, dogs to walk and sun to soak up.

In the flurry that has been April, I have been on a list-making rampage. I made lists for school, lists for the house, shopping lists, work lists, random to-do lists, lists of dreams and desires and potential getaway spots. There are piles of things that need doing and, since I’m letting myself of the hook and refusing to take summer classes this summer, I’m going to have time – previous, glorious time – to get shit done.

Spring-time Shit I’d Like to Get Done:

.Build a fence.

.Capture five healthy kitties & get them all adopted.

.Build a raised herb & flower garden so those two giant Husky Mutts I let live (rent-free!) in my house stop trampling everything I attempt to grow.

.Start composting.

.Go somewhere with my husband.

.Paint a piece of furniture.

.Clean out my closet.

.Find a thrifted desk to turn into a vanity for the guest bedroom.

.Wallpaper the dining room.

.Bake bread.

.Run outside.

.Stain the deck. Again.

.Read books.

.Take naps.


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6 thoughts on “A Spring List.

  1. Spring is one of my least favorite, but only because I have allergies. πŸ˜› But I totally get it. It’s finally warming up, and if I don’t get stuff done, summer will be right around the corner. :p

  2. I actually hate spring, lol, but only because here, it marks the end of 7 months of extremely cold temperatures and a LOT of snow by melting it all into giant, brown, gross puddles that get splashed over you while you’re trying to balance precariously on the remaining ice still on the streets – but thankfully, it also only lasts about a fortnight πŸ™‚

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