And then there were kitties.

Sometime last week the big, bad mama stray cat that rules our neighborhood had kittens. She choose to have them under a pile of junk in our neighbor’s yard, right up against our shared fence. If we didn’t have dogs, we might never have know about the kitties. But the dogs, being kitty-hungry and whatnot, alerted us to the presence of a critter. They clawed and gnawed at the fence, whined and bitched and even barked. We could hear a critter back there, growling, but weren’t sure what it could be. We assumed it was a cat, but it could have been a raccoon, a baby dragon, or some other city dwelling critter.

Andrew went to get a ladder and there, glaring up at us in disdain, was mama cat. She was pissed. But we still weren’t sure why. Ithought maybe she had climbed back there to die in peace and my heart hurt at the thought of not being able to watch her patrol our street, or trespass on our neighbor’s porches. She’s one tough kitty and I would hate to see her go.

But then, we heard kitties! Little, tiny baby kitty squeaks. And then, my heart melted into a pile of goo, because nothing is cuter than baby kitty noises.

Two days ago, I was able to mush my face up against the fence and peer between and boards and see a little, tiny orange and white kitty butt. So small was that kitty, that I could have fit it in the tiniest part of my palm.

Then, yesterday, on the warmest, most glorious day of the year, I got a better look. I was able to see three kitties – one orange and white and two black and white little tiny, teetering kitties. Mama cat was out, patrolling, and the three little kitties were all curled up together in a little tiny kitty pile.

I tried to get a picture of them, but it is impossible. They are wedged under and between piles of random stuff my neighbor keeps around and the only way I was able to see them was to squint through a hole the size of my pinkie nail.

So now I want a kitty. And Andrew isn’t saying no. But I don’t want any kitty, norwill Andrew allow me to have just any kitty. I want one of these kitties. I know that the likelihood of catching one is slim, especially since we’ll absolutely wait until the kitties are bigger and stronger and old enough to survive without their mama cat. And I know that the baby kitty will need vet care to rid it of who knows what. But still. I want a kitty. I really, really want a kitty.

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17 thoughts on “And then there were kitties.

  1. And a kitty you shall have!
    8 weeks and they’ll be weaned.

    P.A.L. in Carytown is the best/cheapest place to get it fixed. I think they do vaccines/deworming as well.

    It would awesome if you could get them all and the mom. C.A.R.E. will take them, fix the mom and foster/adopt them all out. That’s where I got Nibbles from – same situation.

    YAY kitties!

    1. Thanks for the info! If I can get them all, plus the mo, I absolutely would love to take them to be adopted out. I’ll save as many kitties as I possibly can!

  2. Ash

    But T., you know Luke also wants kitties… and not the same way do you. Be very very careful with him, and Sadie, too. They did not prove trustworthy with Dusty, no matter how many alpha rolls were involved, but then Luke was just a rowdy teenager then. It would be terrible if they got the kitties before you got them out of there & to safety. Perhaps this would be a good time to start work on cat-aversion therapy for them… They need a solid swat from a claw bearing cat.
    Best of luck – can’t wait for pictures!

  3. KT

    Because the kitties were born to a feral cat, do you have to worry about other things (not just deworming and fixing the cat)? I have no idea.

    1. Both of my cats were from feral moms. If you get them right when they’re weaned, you’re good to go without behavioral issues. They are hard to catch though! 🙂

  4. Many of my kittehs, including the current one, was a feral/farm kitteh and it’s not a problem.

    I’d like to give some credit to Kia for being the most awesome/soft/cute/loving kiteh ever and warming your dog hearts. DO IT, so I can have an animal to love on when I come over. Also, KITTEH!

  5. Ah, you’re making me really really want a kitty! And I’ve spent most of my life very allergic to and resenting kitties. I hope you can catch one!

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