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Playing a little bit of dress-up never hurt anyone.

Ah, March. It’s always been one of my favorite months, and not just because it’s my birthday month. It’s when the flowers start blooming and the birds start singing and bitching and yelling outside my window and when everything starts waking up again. Rain comes, washes all the shit away and makes me curse about wet shoes and soggy dogs, but it’s full of hope too. And flowers. And sunny days.

March was:

Andrew almost getting deployed without me. Ups and downs. Plans. Calculations. Holding my breath. A few tears. Thinking it through. Getting worked up and worried. News that no, no one was deploying just yet. Relief.

Turning 27. Remembering 26. Trying to be okay with getting older and not really growing up. Chocolate hazelnut ice cream sandwiches. Wine dinners. Vegetables. Drinking lots of water. Cheese. Slight hang overs. Brunches. Mimosas. Sushi. Gifts of power tools and milk glass. Taking a minute to catch my breath.

Girly dinner dates. Talking ourselves into just one more glass of red wine. Game nights. Dog snuggles. Warmth from the sun. Tree selection. Garden plans. Thinking it through. Book reading. Airplane travel. Honed parallel parking skills.

A few hours in New Orleans. A few days in Mississippi. Trying new things. Visiting new places. Meeting new people. Spring break. Playing the Sims 3. Remembering how to run.

School papers. School decisions. Remembering to breath. Remembering that some people just aren’t good people. Pushing myself. Learning my Myers-Briggs Type (INFJ). Falling in love with my husband all over again, just because. Forgetting to take pictures. Salads.

Booking airfare to Vegas for Bloggers in Sin City (YOU SHOULD COME!). Getting crazy excited (!!!).

I found myself at the end of 1010 trying, hard, to remember what had happened. I couldn’t remember much. So, I want to take the end of each month in 2011 to reflect, just a little.
So far: January | February

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6 thoughts on “Bytes | March

  1. Is remembering how to run similar to relearning how to swim or ride a bike? You never truly forget, but it takes some time to get used to? 😛 I haven’t run since grade school.

    Vegas is getting closer and closer! 😀

  2. So very glad that there are no deployments yet! Phew. I can’t imagine how awful that must be to think/deal with.

    Have so much fun in Vegas. I super sadly can’t go this year but maybe next year!

    And 27? One of my favorite years so far. Hopefully it will be for you too…

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