Your Weekend Update, now with Wallpaper Decisions.

Were it not for a three day weekend, I’m not sure I could have slipped into this week with my sanity intact.

.Spent the day in Blackstone, Virginia, watching Soldiers practice room clearing techniques, got mauled by a goat, and ate my weight in sunflower seeds..Came home and cleaned the house, top to bottom.
.Met friends for drinks while waiting for out-of-town guests to arrive and declared Nashville the destination for a possible June road trip.
.Picked up out-of-town guests at the bus stop after their bus driver took them on an unnarrated and unnecessary tour of Richmond.
.Split a bottle of wine with out-of-town guests and stayed up way later than I should have.

.Woke up with a bit of a headache to the nicest weather we’ve had all year.
.Got in the car and drove to Virginia Beach, for work, with the windows down and music turned up.
.Didn’t get to enjoy the Beach because, like I said, we were there for work.
.Shot video of Airmen doing Airmen things, got back in the car, drove the two hours home with the windows down and the music turned up.
.Came home to out of town guests and went grocery shopping.
.Made pizza and salad and grilled veggies for dinner, played Apples to Apples for an insane amount of hours, drank tea to wake me up around midnight and rallied until 2 am.

.Woke up with a wine headache. Again.
.Had a disappointing brunch, a first for me. It was very dramatic and I’m still a little bit bitter about the whole thing.
.Went for mimosas in a valiant attempt to rectify the wrongs of brunch.

.Wandered around the Virginia Museum of Fine Arts so Andrew could check out some nifty Civil War sketches for class.
.Checked Borders for good deals since one of our locations is closing. Discovered it’s much too early for good deals just yet.
.Grocery shopped, visited kitties at the SPCA, came home, made dinner, watched TV and dozed for a bit.

.Headed downtown with out-of-town friends to visit Stacey and a group of her friends in celebration of her birthday on Friday.

.Realized loud bars are great for people watching and not much else, but that it’s still fun to stop in from time to time.
.Went back home with friends, opened up a few bottles of wine and battled it out Apples to Apples style (again) and ended the night around 3:30 am with a round of Bezzerwizzer.

.Woke with a serious headache from the wine. And the whiskey sours. Boo, hiss!

.Went to a fabulous brunch at 821 Cafe.
.Saw Anderson Cooper speak about a whole pile of marvelous things at the Landmark Theater as part of the Richmond Forum.
.Came home, watched My Strange Addiction and decided the show is mostly about exploiting people’s oddities, rather than making sure they get the help they actually need, and yet still, I could barely turn away.
.Dropped out-of-town friends at the bus stop, picked up sushi, came home to snuggle the dogs and Andrew and went to sleep blissfully early.


.Woke up without a headache.
.Homework, homework, homework.
.Class from 4:00-6:40, then 7:00-9:40.
.Dinner and glorious sleep.

Somewhere in there we also made a decision about wall paper. After the internet overwhelming suggested number one:

as the right and most perfect wall paper for our dining room, we agreed. Andrew relented, said yes, number two would undoubtedly look a bit too busy and that number three was a bit spider webby, something that hadn’t actually crossed my mind until the internet brought it up. Some of you were concerned that it would be a bit too cold with all the gray and black and whatnot, but I feel pretty confident we can bring in bright colors through accessories that will help to liven the place up a bit. The rug in there is already a deep red and I’m thinking about bringing in some yellow and turquoise as well. Our living room, which is right next to the dining room is already a pretty bright yellow (it looks like the sun threw up a little bit, but I love how glowy it feels at night). I love the idea of wainscoting the bottom, but I still want to see what it looks like with dark paint on the bottom. I think we’ll try that first, sit with it for a bit, and then, when we have more time, we’ll add some wainscoting on the bottom. I’ve got no idea when I’m going to tackle all this, but I’m pretty sure step one is to order the wall paper.

Also, thank you all so, so, so much for your input! You all raised a lot of really good points I hadn’t thought of yet and for that I am so, so thankful! Three cheers for the internets!!

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7 thoughts on “Your Weekend Update, now with Wallpaper Decisions.

  1. Haha it seems like we both woke up this past Saturday with a wine headache. I was so happy to have nothing to do Friday, that I drank a bottle of wine in 10 mins…so basically I had 6 glasses in a really short time + im a lightweight so I’m done! HAHA. I guess I can’t feel too bad bc you’re just as bad me…I guess we both really like wine because you had a wine headache again Sunday!

    But Anyways…. Can’t wait till you post the pics!

  2. Yay for out of town guests and making decisions!

    My birthday happens to be 8/21, so I obviously need to come visit and we shall dine there!

    I can’t wait to see pictures of the room as you’re working on it!

  3. Love the way you edit your photos and that drink? I’m thirsty now…

    Love the wallpaper choice, too 🙂 Very simple, classic & classy! Tough combo to find! Here’s hoping this weekend has fewer headaches involved, unless they are the “good” kind of headache from having too much fun 😉

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