And then there were some more birds

First, I hate seagulls.  Or at least East Coast seagulls. I think they are vile and rude and loud and unnecessary. West Coast seagulls, at the least the ones I saw when I was in San Francisco, were much more tolerable.

Second, I don’t hate other types of birds. I don’t have a crazy bird fear that causes me to screech like a banshee at anything with wings. In fact, I rather like birds.

Third, I’m sensitive, to a fault, to the needs of my neighborhood critters. The way I see it, the critters were here before people where and, so long as they’re not damaging anything on my property, I’m all for them and their shenanigans. Since I live deep in the heart of a city, we mostly just have birds, stray cats, a goat-load of squirrels and the occasional opossum. I? Love them all.  All of them. Last year, some bitch-ass robins built a nest for their spawn above our door and I left it there. For a whole year. Because I wanted other birds to come back and reproduce on my front porch. Because I loooooooove the critters and the birds and the insanity that comes with trying to open your front door when there’s a pissed off momma bird above you. 

I know I might be a little bit ridiculous. But I don’t fucking care.

When spring hit, I checked the nest every day.  There are little windows above my front door that the original bitch-ass birds built their nest against so, every morning when I come down the stairs, I can see the nest fairly well from inside the house. Finally, we have a bird. It’s a finch bird, of some sort. I think. She is a scaredy-bird and flies away when we make too much movement inside the house, but still. Every morning I come down the stairs and tell her how lovely she looks and how much I love her. Because, again, I’m ridiculous.

Last year, the robins turned bitchy. We couldn’t go outside without squwacks and bitching and complaining from the RUDEST two robins in the entire neighborhood. I’m hopeful that finch bird’s shyness is a sign of her unbitchiness.

Anyway, here she is: 

Also, in bird related news, I saw a bald eagle over the weekend. In the wilderness. It was insane. It was standing on a log in a pond that we drove past. I saw it, briefly, from the corner of my eye and made Andrew turn the car around. By the time we started to pull over next to the road to get our and take some pictures, it flew away. It was breathtaking and amazing and the first time I’ve ever seen a bird like that in the wild.

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