April: To Do

Yes, it’s no longer the beginning of April. We’re solidly in the mid-April time frame now, but still.  Goals are important, mm-kay.

April’s To Do List:

  1. Finish up my online class.
  2. Go camping.
  3. Go see a baseball game.
  4. Cross two things off my 101 in 1001 list.
  5. Plant the back yard garden.
  6. Paint my toenails.
  7. Purchase flip-flops.
  8. Purchase a tent.
  9. Pick excursions for our upcoming Alaska cruise.

Spring so far has been crazy. The pollen is absolutely ridiculous around these parts this year and, after leaving the windows open for a night, everything in my house is tinged yellow. 

Last night, we went to see Third Eye Blind. They were here back in November as well, and we almost didn’t go see them for fear it would be like seeing the same show over again, but I’m so, so, so glad we went. It was totally different and just as amazing of an experience as the last time, only different. The only downside was the teenagers.  I hate them. They were high as fucking kites on what I’m guessing might have been cocaine and would not stop talking, loudly, during the slow songs and then they kept dry-humping each other and, on occasion, the people around them. Seriously. I felt violated. It was pretty ridiculous.  I pushed a girl who stepped stomped on my foot and she got all huffy with me because it’s a concert, get over it and I was all, yeah, I pushed you, it’s a concert, get over it. And, then she turns to Andrew and is like, punch me in the face and he’s like no, that’s okay, not yet, maybe later and then her boyfriend thought it would be hilarious to rub his ass on me so I elbowed him and then Andrew and I trade places because he saw my I’m-going-to-knife-you-if-you-don’t-stop face or maybe just because he didn’t like the fact that some guy was rubbing his ass on me. Still though, we had a good time and would definitely go see Third Eye Blind again because, and maybe I’ve mentioned this before, they wrote the soundtrack to my life. For reals.

This week is busy and exciting and it seems like the rest of the year is going to be the same way. I’m liking 2010 so far. It’s lending itself well to both work, and non-work related adventures and I hope the trend continues.

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5 thoughts on “April: To Do

  1. barbetti

    You’re going on an Alaskan cruise! THAT IS AMAZING. Steve is dying to go, and wanted to go this summer – but I need me a beach this summer, like for real.

    And I can’t believe you can go camping in April! We’re still getting SNOW. GAH.

  2. I’m liking 2010 so far too. It’s been full of randomness. I would really like the fatiguey grossness from being so ill at the start of the year to please go away now though.
    Goals ARE important. Delightfully important.

    I really hate going to concerts lately. We consistently make the mistake of getting IN the crowd for bands that we think will be relatively calm crowds… only to almost die when a mob of fifteen year old douchebags decide it’s a good idea to force a crowd surge by lining their douchey selfs up and all running at the crowd at the same time, thus… almost killing about seventeen people, because while we are older, far more solid people… the twelve year olds that just rudely squeazed passed us are not solid, and most probably snapped and died. I hate douchey crowds.

  3. omg. i totally had a similar thing happen to me at a dave matthews band concert last year. i was seriously going to deck someone for being way too close. i kinda wish the bf had noticed so he could’ve done the hitting for me but he was too mesmerized by the music (he’s the DMB fan, not me).

    well, i’m glad you had fun! is stephen jenkins still hot? he was yummy back in the day.

  4. Thank you for that story because now I’m smiling at work imagining you elbowing and pushing a girl and giving the evil eye, and Andrew’s smirking yet I will kill you military face and I needed that at work right now with the lines.

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