Well that was fast: March goes marching on

What in the hell happened? One minute it was March and I was all Yay! Birthday month! Lasik! Friends visiting! And then it was all over and now tomorrow is April and I’m kind of sad because March is basically the bestest month of the whole year and I’m sad it went so quick.


– I had to wear glasses for the first half of the month in preparation for LASIK.
– I got my eyes lasered.
– I turned 26.
– I had my first house guests of 2010 come and stay for my birthday weekend.
– I saw Wicked.
– I found out I wasn’t getting deployed.
– School stressed me out.
Spring happened.
– Andrew ran a 5k for the SPCA and we walked/jogged with Sadie in the Dog Jog.
– I took a Black Hawk helicopter flight to Va. Beach for a departure ceremony for some Soldiers going to Afghanistan.
Cologne gave me flashbacks.
– I drove to Georgia with the husband for work and back again, working 41 hours in just three days.

To-Do Recap

  1. Cross two things off my 101 in 1001 list. – SUCCESS! #11 (Purchase a teapot), #23 (Donate to an animal organization) and #99 (See Wicked) were all completed this month.
  2. Have fun on my 26th birthday. – SUCCESS!
  3. Paint my toenails. Fail.
  4. Bake something. SUCCESS! I baked an uber delicious cheesecake.
  5. File our taxes. SUCCESS! It will be done by the end of today.
  6. Finish moving things around in my office. SUCCESS!
  7. Go see a movie. FAIL!
  8. Purchase a rug for my office. FAIL!

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4 thoughts on “Well that was fast: March goes marching on

  1. san

    Every time I read COLOGNE somewhere, I get a tiny bit excited because I think someone is referring to my beloved city (close to my hometown)… but ah yes, why don’t people call it by their real name “Köln”, then I wouldn’t get confused all the time.

    And tell me about March being over… I have no idea where the first quarter of this year went, no freakin’ idea.

  2. barbetti

    Thank GOD for this recap. I’ve been SOOOOO out of the loop with catching up to blogs!

    Glad you had LASIK! I really hope to get that soon as well, before I’m legally blind in both eyes.

  3. Margaret

    Regarding dandelion murder 🙂
    You can pour boiling water on them, or white vinegar.
    It’s environmentally safe.

    Have fun playing in the dirt.

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